Starfield Bug Makes Entire City Disappear


  • Starfield’s launch has included a number of gameplay bugs. A player has discovered a new glitch where entire cities, like New Atlantis and Neon, have mysteriously vanished, leaving behind only shadows, NPCs, and items.
  • Despite the issues, players seem to be enjoying these bizarre bugs in Starfield. From NPCs without heads to cities floating in space, players are encountering strange occurrences that add to the game’s variety.
  • New Atlantis has been a hotspot for glitches, with another player previously finding the city floating in space. As more players explore Starfield, it’s likely that more strange discoveries will be made.

A player in Starfield returned to a populated area in the game to find that an entire city in the Settled Systems had disappeared. NPCs, items, and light sources remained intact, though the absence of the city’s architecture made it quite a sight to see, or lack thereof, in this case.

The launch of Starfield was met with mixed reception that concerned the presence of gameplay bugs. By already having a reputation for releasing games with various glitches, Bethesda continues the trend with Starfield as players discover outlandish bugs. From mysteriously disappearing spaceships to game-breaking problems, just about every player in Starfield has encountered an issue or two. However, one player has showcased a new bug to add to the ever-growing list of reported issues.

When traveling to New Atlantis in Starfield, Reddit user Cerparis shared a screenshot of the city that has turned into a buggy mess. Every piece of architecture, from the skyscrapers and stores to the metro that runs throughout New Atlantis, has mysteriously vanished. The absence of the city unveils the planetary surface that’s originally underneath the built structures, leaving behind only shadows, NPCs, and specific items. Every citizen of New Atlantis appears to be unaffected by the glitch, casually tending to their routines without an issue. Cerparis is accompanied by companion Sam Coe, who also remains untouched by the glitch.

In addition to New Atlantis, the player visited Neon in Starfield to find that the city had also disappeared. Backed by the city’s vibrant lights, the presentation is vastly different compared to the sunny presentation of New Atlantis. NPCs, certain items, and light sources are also on display, uninfluenced by the absence of Neon’s architecture. This is the only other city where Cerparis reported a major issue with their cities vanishing.

New Atlantis and Neon vanishing from Starfield is yet another buggy discovery from players who have come across issues during their playthrough. While this is problematic in terms of development, it seems that players are enjoying their run-ins with the game’s variety of bugs. One player found that Andrea was missing a head without any repercussions in their Starfield playthrough.

In fact, this isn’t the first time that a player found something wrong with New Atlantis. Another player found New Atlantis floating entirely in space in Starfield. While everything seemed to be untouched, the city itself merely orbited in space, away from its home planet. With the city now disappearing from the face of planet Jemison, it seems like only a matter of time until more players find something strange with New Atlantis.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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