Stardew Valley Players Have ‘The Dress’ Debate Over Sprinkler Color

Determining a color isn’t always the easiest thing for people to agree upon. A simple sprinkler in Stardew Valley is setting off a debate about color, as players disagree on exactly what color they see.

Back in 2015, controversy took over the web as people debated whether a dress was gold or blue. People were puzzled as they saw the dress distinctly as one color, while others saw it as something else. Now a similar event is occurring with the Quality Sprinkler in Stardew Valley.


Redditor Stabilizer2238 took to the Stardew Valley subreddit to gather opinions regarding the color of the Quality Sprinkler. According to Stabilizer2238, his father is playing the game and says that the sprinkler is distinctly red. Stabilizer2238, on the other hand, thinks that it looks like it’s brown. In order to get a final answer, they polled other players of the game, but the answer still wasn’t completely clear-cut.

Players flooded the comments to offer their opinions on whether it was red, brown, copper, or some combination of the above. While the majority of commenters appeared to see the sprinkler as being brown, others pointed out that there appears to be a distinct reddish shade to the sprinkler, making it harder to discern between the two.

Those responding in the comments were quick to point out two potential complications to this debate. The first of which is that every user’s monitor or screen settings are different, and can vastly impact how one perceives color in the game. For example, one user mentioned that Stardew Valley‘s Abigail had blue-looking hair, until they booted it up on another device and saw it was distinctly purple.

The second complication is the potential for color blindness. Red is a color that’s commonly difficult to see for those with color blindness, which may lead to the sprinkler appearing more distinctly brown than anything else to those impacted. It could effectively make it so that someone can’t see the reddish tint to the sprinkler.

Ultimately, user rizurper broke down the colors with technology, labeling them as their HEX equivalents, #331015 (Coffee bean), #641e16 (Cherrywood), #631d1d (Persian Plum), #944616 (Hawaiian Tan), and #b5712e (Copper). These colors tend to lean in the orange-red spectrum, but are generally dark enough to be considered brown. The easiest color to settle upon for the sprinkler may be copper, as it’s a generally seen as an orange-red blend with brown. Ironically, the Quality Sprinkler doesn’t use copper in-game, as it’s made with gold, iron, and refined quartz.

Determining color relies heavily upon both genetics and how the color is depicted, like on print or through a digital device. In the end, though, Stardew Valley fans by and large appear to be friendly enough to avoid turning this debate into a full-blown argument over color like the iconic 2015 blue/gold dress did.

Stardew Valley is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Gamerant

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