Stardew Valley Player Loses Their Save File in Real-Life Divorce

A Stardew Valley fan reveals that they lost years of work and the most expensive item in the game as part of a real-life divorce.

A Stardew Valley player has revealed on Reddit that they lost their Year 5 save as part of their real-life divorce. They stated that this has upset them more than the actual divorce, which certainly seems possible considering how much time and effort it takes to cultivate the perfect home in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley was released almost six years ago now but people seem just as obsessed with it as they have ever been. The farming simulation is just too soothing to give up, and players can grow truly attached to their digital lives and relationships.The multiplayer update only made it more addictive, allowing players to bring real-life relationships into the world with co-op play, and the game has sold over 15 million copies (as of September 2021) as a result.


So it’s understandable that people have grown attached to their Stardew lives. In this case the divorcee played on their husband’s Xbox, which went with him in the chaos of their split, wiping away years of hard farming work. They had put a lot of work into it, too; the poster mentioned how they had 300k gold on hand, as well as the Return Scepter, which costs 2 million gold and is the most expensive inventory item in the entire game (it allows players to warp directly outside their farmhouse, which is incredibly handy). As fans know, losing items in Stardew Valley can be devastating.

Other Redditors were understandably shocked at this massive loss and are looking to help the poster get the save back any way they can. Some possible solutions included trying to figure out if the save was still in the Xbox cloud, allowing them to re-access their farm on another Xbox, or perhaps making sure to see if it was still there at a friend’s house. Some are even offering to buy or give them Xboxes just so that they can continue on with their (digital) lives. It’s currently even available on Xbox Game Pass, playable in the cloud. Judging from how badly the poster mentions the divorce went the solution, sadly, might be to simply move on and get a new save. The poster mentioned they have a Switch Lite as well, so that might be the route to go- as long as they remember to grab the system the next time a relationship goes sour.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, mobile devices, and legacy platforms.

Source: Gamerant

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