Stardew Valley Creator Loves LEGO Farmhouse Set Idea

Recently, a Stardew Valley fan created a LEGO concept of the game’s farmhouse and earned the approval of the game’s creator. The fan has pitched the set idea to LEGO’s official “Ideas” forum for support and approval. Over time, the Stardew Valley farmhouse concept reached many fans, who pledged their support.

Released in 2016, Stardew Valley was created and developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. Stardew Valley turned seven last month, which prompted a letter from ConcernedApe. In his letter, ConcernedApe thanked fans for supporting the game as development continues on both Stardew Valley and the upcoming title Haunted Chocolatier. Over the years, Stardew Valley has become an overwhelming success on multiple platforms, including a 98% positive rating on Steam. One fan, in particular, took it upon themselves to pitch an idea to combine their passion for LEGO and for Stardew Valley and make it a reality.


On Reddit, a user named FourBricksTall created a series of concept renderings and builds for a “LEGO Stardew Valley Farmhouse” kit, with the player character and some of the game’s NPCs being featured as LEGO figurines. The pitch was posted on the r/StardewValley subreddit as well as on the LEGO Ideas forum for fan submissions. FourBricksTall stated that LEGO kits based on TV shows such as Seinfeld and even the Korean pop group BTS were pitched originally on LEGO Ideas before becoming a reality. Other games such as Genshin Impact have recently received LEGO pitches from fans as well.

With support from other Stardew Valley fans, and the support of ConcernedApe himself, the “LEGO Stardew Valley Farmhouse” concept received over 10,000 supporters on March 28. As a result, it proceeded to the next step, which is an official review by LEGO kit developers and executives. The review period is tentatively scheduled to begin in May 2023 and could take several months, according to LEGO. Given the fact that the farmhouse is the starting point for all Stardew Valley players, it seems to be the perfect starting point for a potential series of LEGO Stardew Valley kits.

Though ConcernedApe remains busy with the development of Haunted Chocolatier, the fact that he supported the project may help towards its potential approval. FourBricksTall stated that approval of the initial Stardew Valley kit has to take place before any add-ons could be made to it, including figurines of Juminos and other characters. Only time will tell if the project gets the green light from LEGO.

Stardew Valley is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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