Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary, Teases Future Content

Star Wars: The Old Republic nears the launch of its eighth digital expansion pack, titled Legacy of the Sith. Although the original release date was poised to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the game, BioWare recently made a decision to delay Legacy of the Sith to February 15. Despite the delay, today marks 10 years since The Old Republic opened its servers to the world, and the Star Wars developer looked back on the years that followed, as well as offered a glimpse into what comes next.


A decade of content in a galaxy far, far away, through the crimson sands of Korriban, to the abyssal depths of Manaan, over 250 patches and 7 expansions – it’s been a long and eventful journey for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic. To commemorate the end of the game’s first decade, BioWare has prepared numerous in-game rewards and perks for its playerbase.

Those who have played The Old Republic in the past, as well as those who play it still, are no doubt aware of the annual anniversary event that takes place in-game, offering players free rewards for just logging on and talking to the Anniversary Personnel vendor on their respective faction’s fleet. For the game’s tenth anniversary, BioWare annonced that the event would take place for an entire year, running from December 2021 to January 2023.

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In addition to offering all the exclusive rewards from past anniversary events, BioWare teased that new rewards would be in stock following the release of patch 7.0, Legacy of the Sith. The Double XP event will also take place, starting from December 20 and ending on January 4, offering players the opportunity to level up their alts or otherwise catch up to their friends.

Concerning what the future holds for its Star Wars MMO, BioWare teased that launching Legacy of the Sith was simply the first step towards a new era for the game, promising a graphical overhaul for The Old Republic’s early planets such as Tython and Ord Mantell, as well as modernizing the user interface and overall presentation of the game.

The new expansion for the game also promises substantial post-launch support, by introducing a new operation called the R-4 Anomaly, paired with a new daily area set in an all-new corner of Manaan. BioWare hinted that future Star Wars: The Old Republic group content would come in the form of new Flashpoints, Operations, Daily Areas, and more on a regular basis.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for PC. Legacy of the Sith launches on February 15, 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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