Star Wars Jedi: Survivor May Feature Two Playable Characters

Recent rumors and reports indicate Cal Kestis will still be the main character of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but he may not be the only one playable.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, according to reports by Jeff Grubb. Why the name was changed isn’t exactly clear yet, but according to Grubb, it will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration and release in February or March 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

The name change may have caught many fans’ attention, potentially leading some to believe (or hope) that Star Wars Jedi was actually an anthology series. This would or could mean that the game takes place at different times, in different Jedi shoes, but it seems that is not the case.


During a recent GamesBeat Decides episode, Grubb stated that Cal Kestis is still the main character and protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Grubb said that it doesn’t mean he’s the only one, but that he doesn’t know if there would be more than one playable character. While this may be disappointing for those keen on an anthology series or wanted someone else besides Cal Kestis, Bespin Bulletin also commented on this.

According to the Bespin Bulletin, it has also heard that Cal Kestis would remain the star of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but that there would be a new playable character. The Bespin Bulletin says it had heard this and decided to treat it as rumors, which means fans should do the same. But if there is a second playable character, fans will no doubt be curious as to who they are and how this works. After all, two playable characters would not really work in a Soulslike-styled action RPG like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order/Survivor.

Until EA or Respawn Entertainment confirms this themselves, it’s best to think of Cal as the main protagonist. This comment, if true, could theoretically pertain to small gameplay segments like BD-1 puzzles or something like that. At the same time, it would be interesting if it were some form of shared progression between Cal Kestis as a Jedi Knight with a new Padawan of his. Training Merrin to be a Jedi, and letting Merrin be playable in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, would likely be a popular move among fans of the franchise.

Not only would Merrin be a non-traditional Jedi, but she and Cal would likely have a non-traditional Jedi-Padawan relationship. Whatever happens, and however these rumors play out, fans can at least expect to see some of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reportedly releases in early 2023.

Source: GamesBeat Decides, Bespin Bulletin

Source: Gamerant

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