Star Wars Eclipse Fans Are Staging A Protest Against Quantic Dream’s Involvement

While there’s quite a bit of excitement over Star Wars Eclipse, there are some people who aren’t happy that Quantic Dream is working on it.

While there’s a decent level of excitement over the fact that a new Star Wars game is coming in the near future, not everyone is excited about which studio is working on the project. In fact, earlier this week, several Star Wars fans started a protest over the fact that Quantic Dream and David Cage are involved in Star Wars Eclipse at all.

While the idea of a new Star Wars game has had fans of the franchise excited for quite a while now, Quantic Dream has had its fair share of detractors over the last few years. In 2018, three separate French news outlets wrote about accusations that Quantic Dream allowed and in some instances even encouraged a workplace culture of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Those accusations specifically mentioned Studio head David Cage who was alleged to have told dirty jokes and made inappropriate comments about female actors in his games. Cage claimed the accusations were false and even won a lawsuit against one of the publications, but another outlet that reported on the accusations was cleared of libel charges.


Though the issues from 2018 remain largely unsettled, several Star Wars fans are staging protests based on Quantic Dream’s involvement. There have even been some media outlets that have vowed not to cover the game as long as Cage is involved. That included Star Wars Explained, a social media and YouTube account that is considered one of the most well known voices on all things in the Star Wars universe.

On Twitter, the people behind the account wrote that the Star Wars Eclipse reveal had them “really” excited. However, they are also disgusted by Cage’s alleged behavior towards women and “the queer community.” The tweet making this announcement went on to say that it supports an attempted boycott of Star Wars Eclipse coverage as long as Quantic Dream allows Cage to be part of the work on the game.

Other people involved in the boycott took aim at Lucasfilm for partnering with Quantic Dream on the game. Others pointed out that there have been many queer, BIPOC and other marginalized people made prominent in the Star Wars universe and that this particular partnership simply isn’t appropriate.

As of this writing, neither Lucasfilm nor Quantic Dream has acknowledged publicly or issued a statement about the #blackoutstarwarseclipse movement. That has seemingly angered some fans even more and has made some promise that the social media campaign isn’t going anywhere.

Star Wars: Eclipse is currently in early development.

Source: Gamerant

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