Star Trek: Resurgence Game Announced at The Game Awards

Dramatic Labs joins several other developers at The Game Awards unveiling its debut project Star Trek: Resurgence, a third-person adventure.

Several games that take place in the Star Trek universe have been released over the years and a new one known as Star Trek: Resurgence was just announced by Dramatic Labs at The Game Awards. Set in the era after Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Resurgence once again puts Star Trek fans in the shoes of a U.S.S. captain.

Today during The Game Awards, Dramatic Labs joined several other developers in unveiling their debut title, Star Trek: Resurgence. The game focuses on a crew stationed aboard the U.S.S. Resolute and the decisions that players make will be crucial in saving the galaxy in this latest Star Trek adventure. Dramatic Labs emphasizes this decision-based aspect of the game in Star Trek: Resurgence‘s reveal trailer alongside other aspects of the upcoming game.


Star Trek: Resurgence is a third-person adventure game that’s coming to all of the major consoles and the Epic Games Store on PC in Spring 2022, so Star Trek fans don’t have a long wait for the next big sci-fi adventure. The game centers on two primary characters, while a crew remains a crucial aspect of the interstellar story. First Officer Jara Rydek has always dreamed of becoming a U.S. S. captain and she’s determined to take on difficult tasks for the Federation, while Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz merely always wanted to explore the galaxy.

With how crucial teamwork is to the crew in any Star Trek story, Star Trek: Resurgence‘s reveal trailer shows off just two of many characters that will be important to the plot and gameplay. Dramatic Labs showed off small pieces of gameplay in the reveal trailer, focusing on Diaz firing a phaser at electrically charged orbs clinging to the ship and Rydek using a Tricorder to scan for hidden things such as palm prints. The trailer also shows one of the many decisions that the First Officer will have to make in a doubtlessly tense situation in which she can choose to follow her orders or disobey her superiors.

Dramatic Labs is a new independent game developer created by veterans from Telltale Games, the studio behind titles such as The Walking Dead series, The Wolf Among Us, and Tales From the Borderlands. Telltale Games was hit with mass layoffs back in 2018 and a number of developers that departed the studio moved on to Dramatic Labs. Telltale Games was able to rebound under new leadership and that studio continues to work on titles like The Wolf Among Us 2 and a game based on The Expanse television series.

While a player’s decisions are notably at the core of Star Trek: Resurgence, it’s also an important aspect of most Telltale Games. Because of their experience on big franchises with Telltale Games, Star Trek fans can rest assured that Dramatic Labs knows the importance of the franchise. Although the upcoming action game releases in the spring, little has been revealed about Star Trek: Resurgence beyond the trailer featured during The Game Awards.

Star Trek: Resurgence releases in Spring 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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