Square Enix Games Get Big Discounts in Nintendo Switch eShop Sale

Japanese video game company Square Enix slashes the prices of their Switch and 3DS titles on the Nintendo eShop ahead of the holidays.

One of the most anticipated seasons of gamers around the world would definitely be the end-of-the-year or Christmas holidays. Many gaming platforms offer massive discounts like the much-awaited Steam seasonal sales, which provides gamers the opportunity to hoard titles that they have put on their wishlist. This year, Square Enix seems to have put some of their titles on sale on the Nintendo eShop, with some of them getting half off their regular prices.

For many gamers, the sales offered by platforms like Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, and the like, are the only ways they can get their hands on many triple-A titles. With base prices that start at $60 USD, more if they are pricey collector’s editions like FF7 Remake‘s, gaming community members likely save and set aside funds to purchase their anticipated titles at launch. With Square Enix offering discounts on many of their titles on the Nintendo platform, fans can now acquire the games that they have not added to their collection yet.


Surprisingly enough, Square Enix did not announce any massive holiday sales this year through the Nintendo eShop. However, checking the list of titles under the company on the official eShop site, gamers will find several video games with prices slashed off. This includes games from the company’s Nintendo 3DS range such as action RPG Final Fantasy Explorers and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. However, there is no indication on up to when these titles will be up for sale before reverting back to their original prices.

square enix nintendo eshop sale

The sales lineup for the Nintendo Switch is actually quite expansive. Several of those included are from the mainstream Final Fantasy series such as FF7, FF8 Remastered, FF9, FFX / X-2, FF12: The Zodiac Age, and even FFXV Pocket Edition. For those who are looking for more off-the-beaten-path Square Enix titles, they can get discounts on titles from the Mana series, Dragon Quest, and Romancing SaGa. Even games that are not that well-known but have a niched following are included in the sale. For example, Actraiser Renaissance, Balan Wonderworld, Oninaki, I Am Setsuna, and Lost Sphear have several dollars removed from their base prices.

Even though Square Enix and Nintendo have not made any announcements regarding the deals, fans should take advantage of the sale anyway. The list of discounted titles is pretty long and varied, offering something for every type of gamer out there. What’s more, there is no fear of running out of stock, given that these titles are based on a digital platform.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

Source: Gamerant

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