Splatoon 3 to Include In-Game Purchases

The Splatoon franchise certainly introduced a different side to Nintendo when it first launched on the WiiU back in 2015. Unlike most of Nintendo’s traditional IPs, Splatoon focuses mainly on competitive online PvP, though the characters are part squid and shoot paint instead of bullets. While the community was surprised to see Nintendo create a new IP focused inside of the shooter genre, the series itself was well received and proved to be a fun experience.


In fact, Nintendo forged ahead by creating a sequel for the Nintendo Switch alongside the popular DLC known as Octo Expansion. The sequel proved that the franchise was here to stay, taking advantage of the Switch’s larger install base and selling more than twice that of its predecessor. Naturally, with the popularity booming, Nintendo got to work on Splatoon 3, announcing it through a CG trailer during a Nintendo direct early in 2021.

Outside of periodic updates, such as the revived Salmon Run game mode, and trailers since its original reveal, Nintendo has surprisingly gone quiet with new information on Splatoon 3. Even with the game launching next month, there is still a ton of details that remain elusive. As the launch date inches ever closer, new details have started to emerge from some unlikely places, including the video games rating board known as the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Typically reviewing and rating games about a month before launch, the ESRB has recently provided new details on Splatoon 3. As expected, the online shooter was given an E10 rating, indicating that the game is generally suitable for anyone ages 10 and above. Obviously, the game includes plenty of shooting, small explosions, and cries of pain, even if it is all done through paint blasters, rollers, ink bombs, and other similar tools. What’s interesting is that the rating also includes a note that Splatoon 3 does contain In-Game Purchases.

Unfortunately, no other details were provided, though considering the previous two games didn’t have microtransactions or similar in-game purchases, outside of spending earned currency on weapons and cosmetics. In-game and microtransaction style purchases are nothing new to online games, especially live-service ones like Destiny 2, Warframe, and Rocket League to name a few. The major difference here is that Splatoon 3 is a full priced title, while many live service games are free to play, so it’ll be interesting to see what sort items and prices Nintendo establishes if it really is going that route. There have been no shortage of controversy with games selling gear or items that the fan base regards as “pay to win” when in-game purchases are involved.

Splatoon 3 releases September 9, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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