Spanish Twitch Streamer Breaks World Record

Some Twitch streamers can attract impressively large numbers of viewers, particularly when they’re playing a newly released game or watching something of broad interest like sports. Millions of viewers congregated on Twitch when the Overwatch 2 beta became available in April of this year, and during the 2020 US election season, millions of hours of coverage were watched on Twitch and YouTube.

Usually, individual channels reaching an audience of even 100,000 viewers is remarkable, which is why Asmongold hitting 400k viewers just waiting for the Lost Ark servers to launch in February was pretty noteworthy. When the Witch Queen raid for Destiny 2 came out that same month, upwards of 350,000 people tuned in to various Twitch streams to watch the new content, and this number was also considered incredible.


All this is to put into perspective the jaw-dropping number of viewers that Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai reached on June 25. In May, the content creator hit 1.5 million active viewers during a boxing stream, and that was already a notable milestone. But Ibai has now surpassed that number by hitting a whopping 3,356,074 concurrent viewers, the highest on record, while streaming another boxing event called La Velada del Año II. The previous Twitch viewership record was held by TheGrefg, another Spanish streamer, who reached 2.4 million viewers during a Fortnite stream.

Ibai, or Ibai Llanos Garatea, began his career as a League of Legends esports caster who focused on the Spanish region. He then went on to be a content creator for G2 Esports, started his own esports team, and now is extremely successful on Twitch as well. His channel is currently the fourth most-followed on the platform, boasting 11.1 million followers.

Needless to say, for most content creators, reaching viewership numbers such as these isn’t something they’d ever consider a possibility. For many, having even one viewer is a special moment. A well-known story is that of Nick Kelly, who started his Twitch channel in January 2021. After streaming for nearly an hour with no visitors, a few viewers showed up to watch his Twitch stream and Nick teared up with gratitude. A year and a half later, the content creator has attracted 31,000 followers to his channel.

There is even a Twitter bot called @no_viewers that finds Twitch streams with zero viewers and tweets about them so that people might go and say hi if so inclined. The goal, according to the account’s bio, is to help people “find something fresh and make someone’s day.”

Source: DualShockers

Source: Gamerant

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