Soulsborne Fan Figures Out Which Protagonist Smells the Worst

In a strange study, one Soulsborne fan looks into which protagonist is in the most need of a shower, and which of them smells the closest to decent.

FromSoftware RPGs are known for being fairly similar games. While Bloodborne has a vastly different setting from Elden Ring, there are a few factors which a Soulsborne fan can attribute to most games in the series. Difficult combat, for example, can be found in every FromSoftware action game from Demon Souls to Elden Ring. On a deeper level, fans have found that smaller details are similar throughout FromSoftware’s games, such as the fog doors that separate Soulsborne games’ worlds from their boss areas.


Soulsborne fans often love to debate which things are the best among the series. However, instead of deciding which game, NPC, or boss is the best, one Elden Ring player has recently decided to take on the challenge of finding out which Soulsborne protagonist smells the worst. Considering that the Soulsborne games all take on some form of fantasy setting, showers are seemingly lacking. Before Elden Ring allowed soap in the game as well, there was no animation of a character cleaning themselves.

This would likely indicate that all the Soulsborne protagonists stink in some form, and that is one of the conclusions that one Twitter user came up with. As well as realizing that likely all the protagonists stank, the fan went further to decide which characters absolutely reeked. This was calculated using the internal data for enemy’s “Nose Distance” in the Soulsborne games, which is a surprisingly real way that NPCs can smell an enemy and determine how far away they are. This factors in with how loud and visible an Elden Ring player is before their stealth is foiled, for example.

The results of the stinking study concluded that the protagonist for Dark Souls 3 smelled the worst, likely due to the game having two poison swamps, an infamous feature among Soulsborne fans. Next up came the protagonist of Dark Souls 1, followed closely by the Wolf from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a character most believed would be near the top of the list due to him being found in a sewer at the start of the game.

Elden Ring’s Tarnished was the cleanest character according to the results, showing that they must be putting that soap to good use. Dark Souls 2’s protagonist unfortunately didn’t make the list due to the “Nose Distance” being calculated differently in that game. Compared to deciding which Soulsborne boss is the hardest or which area is the most difficult, the quest to find the worst smelling protagonist is a strange yet interesting study.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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