Sonic Team Boss Would Rather Make Sonic Adventure 3 Than Remaster Previous Titles

The two Sonic Adventure titles are seen as classics by many Sonic fans, and for decades it’s been a pipe dream for plenty of series loyalists to see a third entry. As the Sonic Adventure titles age, many players can see where the games could be made better with the current technologies and techniques used in game development today. However, Sonic Team has no interest in remastering or remaking the old games, according to a recent interview.

Sonic Adventure was released on the Dreamcast in 1999, with Sonic Adventure 2 following two years later. The games were ported to the Nintendo GameCube once Sega went third party, though only one of them received an HD rerelease in 2012. This means that these beloved titles can’t be found on current platforms outside of backward compatibility, which has had some fans wondering if Sonic Team would ever remaster them.


In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, the studio head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, stated that he isn’t interested in remaking Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. “That’s just about making the graphics nicer and polishing up a few things,” said Iizuka on the matter. “That’s not what I want to do.”

“There’s lots more work that I would want to put into creating a new Sonic Adventure game,” he tells VGC. “That’s why there’s no remaster.” While this may stir up the hopes of those who desire a third Adventure game someday, Iizuka also makes it clear that, after an interview with IGN may have led some fans to think SA3 was next after Sonic Frontiers, this isn’t the case. “It’s all about Frontiers right now, and we have no plans for Sonic Adventure 3 at this point. I just want to be clear with everyone!”

What Iizuka said regarding the fact that Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 won’t be remastered may frustrate some fans to hear. For many, remasters aren’t just about prettier graphics and minor improvements. A potential Sonic Adventure remaster may involve bringing in the original voice actors or even newer ones to fix up the old and aging dialogue, sprucing up gameplay, and making it available on modern platforms, among other things. The fact that both of these games are only currently available through Steam and Xbox backward compatibility makes this situation worse.

It’s rather interesting that Takashi Iizuka spoke about how Sonic Team is unlikely to remaster these classic titles even when Sonic Origins is about to be released. However, while Sonic Team managed and put the collection together, the remasters seen in Origins were actually developed by devoted fans who were involved with the gaming industry. There may be a chance that Sonic Adventure remakes may come out someday through other talented fans brought on by Sonic Team.

Source: VGC

Source: Gamerant

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