Sonic Fan Creates Chao Garden Mini-Game in Dreams

Many dedicated fans take to Dreams to bring their favorite games to life in their own way, and one Sonic fan uses it to make their own Chao Garden.

Dreams is a game created by Media Molecule that gives players the power to create anything they desire with the game’s tools at their disposal. Since the game was released in 2020, fans have eagerly made whatever their heart desires and shared it with fellow fans online. Many fan games have come out of the title, and one Sonic the Hedgehog fan has used it to create their own Chao Garden mini-game.

Chao Gardens were a small side game Sonic fans could enjoy between exploring levels that involved raising and taking care of cute creatures known as Chao that would evolve depending on the items and attention players gave to them individually. The feature was loved by many fans, but hasn’t been in a Sonic the Hedgehog game proper since the Sonic Advance titles for the GBA. Even then, those were referred to as “Tiny Chao Gardens” because they lacked the scale of the full feature found in the Sonic Adventure series.


It seems like in order to fill this void, Reddit user Style-Z has decided to use Dreams to create a Chao Garden mini-game that, while small-scale, gives off a similar feeling to what raising Chao was like back in the day. The Dreams creation even adds a new feature to the concept by letting players control their Chao, with the creature’s stats changing how they play in real-time.

Style-Z’s creation has more than just a Chao Garden going for it, too. The mode is merely part of a fan game made with Media Molecule’s system called “Sonic Style” that allows players to run around a small level to perform tricks as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles while defeating roaming robots to collect Chaos Drives to grow their Chao’s skills.

While the fan game is rather simplistic, there’s quite a lot of detail to be found in Style-Z’s work. One of the tricks Sonic can make with the right button inputs sees him making the iconic “Sonic Adventure pose” fans should be familiar with. There are also balloons scattered in the “Trick Attack” level that resembles the gumball ice cream shaped like Sonic’s head.

While this Reddit user has created a rather unique take on the Chao Garden feature in Dreams, they are far from the only person to attempt to make a Chao Garden fan game. These projects show that fans still desire for the little beloved creatures to make a return after how long they’ve been away. Fans of the Chao can only hope they’ll return to a future game someday, and hopefully, the upcoming Sonic Frontiers game may be the game to do just that.

Dreams is available on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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