Someone Has Put Thomas the Tank Engine Into Resident Evil 4, and It’s Horrifying

While not the scariest of the bunch, Resident Evil 4 is still pretty intense in some places, and someone has decided to up the terror by adding the otherwise innocent Thomas the Tank Engine into the game. Capcom continues to revitalize classic Resident Evil entries, with this fourth reimagining proving popular among critics and fans alike. Managing to give the original 2005 game a more modern aesthetic and feel while still keeping what made the iconic installment such a hit, it’s not surprising to many that the remake is doing so well.


There are already hopes of a Resident Evil 5 remake, thanks to players spotting a small potential hint about it in RE4‘s post-credit sequence. Given that the fifth game is barely 15 years old, some may not feel that it warrants a contemporary reimagining, but ultimately, it’s up to Capcom to decide what it does with its survival horror franchise. In the meantime, the modding community has been keeping busy on all things related to the recent remake.

A creepy example has recently been spotted by Eurogamer. Coming from the mind of Nexus Mods user Crazy Potato, a modification they simply call “El Thomas” will haunt the dreams of many Resident Evil 4 fans. In a nutshell, it replaces the Del Lago creature from Chapter 3 with Thomas the Tank Engine’s character model. A video shows the mod in action, with the family-friendly locomotive’s face, wheels, and chimney forming the basic shape of the gigantic fish boss. There are also some images on the download page that display the hybrid monster in full and it is, quite frankly, horrifying.

For some reason, the community has taken it upon itself to modify games to feature Thomas the Tank Engine in situations that the anthropomorphic blue train wouldn’t ordinarily be in. He’s even cropped up in other Resident Evil titles, as well as being the inspiration for a horror game called Choo-Choo Charles. Evidently, modders have a bit of a penchant for mixing kid-friendly media with dark and disturbing video games.

To go along with that, someone else recently modded Resident Evil 4‘s Ashley to look like a Regenerador. As if encountering one of these beasts wasn’t terrifying enough, now players will have one tagging along and be tasked with protecting it. It’s going to be quite interesting to see what other creepy mods come about. Obviously, for some players, Capcom didn’t do a good enough job of making the RE4 remake unsettling.

Resident Evil 4 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Eurogamer, Nexus Mods

Source: Gamerant

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