Some Splatoon 3 Big Run Players Got the Wrong Reward


  • Splatoon 3 players are reporting receiving the wrong or no awards after the Big Run Salmon Run event.
  • Tiers for awards are now supposed to be based on a preset number instead of the average.
  • Nintendo has yet to comment on the issue, but dataminers believe it may be a bug causing the wrong rewards to be given. A fix is expected soon.

Splatoon 3 players are reporting that following the conclusion of the game’s latest Big Run Salmon Run event, they didn’t get the prizes they were expecting. While it seems this hasn’t happened to everyone who participated, many Splatoon 3 players have reported receiving the wrong award, or no award at all.

Splatoon 3‘s Big Run events see the common Salmon Run mode come to one of the game’s turf war maps. Players are asked to acquire as many golden eggs as possible, and if they reach a certain threshold, they receive an award for their locker based on their efforts: green for participation, and bronze, silver, and gold for reaching higher numbers. However, it seems something has gone wrong, as players who expected a certain tier received something else.


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Numerous Splatoon 3 players have taken to social media to complain about the issue. Starting with this Big Run event, tiers for awards are based on a preset number, whereas it used to be based upon the averages of every player who participated. This meant that going into Big Run, players knew exactly how many eggs to shoot for in order to get their preferred award. In this instance, 85 golden eggs and up would get the player a Splatoon 3 locker decoration bronze trophy, while 110+ was needed for silver, and 135+ for gold. However, many players have stated that they were supposed to receive a silver or gold trophy and instead got bronze, or nothing at all.

Why Didn’t Splatoon 3 Players Get the Right Big Run Award?

At this time, Nintendo has yet to comment on the situation, though some dataminers believe the issue is due to a bug they’ve discovered. It seems that there may have been an oversight somewhere, as the announcement for the event’s Big Run rewards is also bugged and has skipped the normal dialogue announcing the results for some players. While it’s partially up to speculation, dataminers suggest that the old reward system may be currently in effect, and players may have gotten trophies based upon the average again by mistake.

While Nintendo has been slow to fix some problems, like Octolings becoming Inklings in Splatfests, the company is usually good about issuing fixes quickly. Players who received the wrong reward should standby, as it’s likely that a patch or fix will be issued soon that will see players getting the reward they were promised. Thankfully, while this may be an annoying issue, it has no impact on major gameplay. In the meantime, if the current rewards received are based upon the average number of golden eggs collected by participants, it shows that the community was hard at work once again, despite lowering the average needed for awards considerably.

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September 9, 2022



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