Some Genshin Impact Players Are Stressing About Missing Cat Cloud

A group of Genshin Impact players is expressing frustration and concern about the absence of the cat-shaped cloud in the sky over Asase Shrine.

The open-world action RPG title Genshin Impact allows players to see and do all sorts of things across the fantastical land of Teyvat, but some fans can get attached to the most minor of details. One of these minor details is the cat-shaped cloud that players can view from Asase Shrine after completing a specific series of quests. A group of Genshin Impact players recently discovered that the cat-shaped cloud appears to have been removed, leading them to demand its return.


Asase Shrine can be found on Seirai Island, where it was constructed to suppress Kanna Kapatcir’s lingering hatred. After a disaster 500 years ago, the shrine has been largely abandoned. When the Traveler visits, they find the building full of cats, including a black cat named Neko.

Players who finish the “Neko Is a Cat” series of World Quests will be rewarded with a number of goodies, but the biggest–literally–may be a change in the sky over Asase Shrine. Getting the Cat in the Clouds achievement will lead to a cat-shaped cloud forming in the area and staying permanently, even after the player leaves the area. However, Redditor TheEdelBernal noted recently that the cat-shaped cloud appeared to have disappeared, leaving the sky barren and empty. This upset them, as Asase Shrine was one of their favorite places to relax, and they wanted their hard-won cat cloud back.

TheEdelBernal noted that they’d already reported the issue to customer service, who said they’d look into the problem. However, a number of other players have reported a similar issue, including one who’d just finished the quest line and never got a chance to see the cat-shaped cloud in the game. Several users responded to the post by blaming Celestia for taking the cat-shaped cloud away, but a number of other users decided to place the blame on miHoYo’s shoulders. This isn’t the only questionable decision miHoYo has made concerning Genshin Impact, but it may have drummed up more controversy than the company expected.

Another Redditor, Elperello73, immediately checked on their cat-shaped cloud as soon as they heard the news. Fortunately for them, their cloud was still in place. This may imply that the cloud’s absence is the result of a glitch or error in Genshin Impact. A third Redditor, TheOtherKraken, notes that the cloud may not have been meant to be permanent. This could suggest that the cloud was always supposed to disappear after a while. Whatever the case, it seems that some players are quite frustrated about missing their cat-shaped cloud.

Genshin Impact is available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Nintendo Switch version is currently in development.

Source: Gamerant

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