Some Apex Legends Players Want Valkyrie’s Ultimate Nerfed

While there are many reasons players enjoy Apex Legends, one factor contributing to its popularity is the number of playable characters available. Since the launch of the battle royale, Respawn Entertainment has continued to add Legends to the game. For example, Season 13 introduced Newcastle. Despite new characters continuing to be added to the battle royale every season, one Legend continues to dominate the meta. That Legend is Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is one of the best Legends in Apex Legends currently. First released in Season 9, she possesses an effective kit. Her Tactical, Missile Swarm, and her Passive, VTOL Jets, are two of the best abilities in the game. However, the character stands out due to her Ultimate, Skyward Dive. This ability allows her to launch into the air with her squadmates in tow and reposition across the map. Unsurprisingly, the character has become a regular pick over the past couple of seasons.


Recently, gamers have started questioning whether Valkyrie is too popular and if she needs a nerf in Apex Legends. Taking to Reddit to share their concerns about the current state of the Legend, a user known as Barneyfnaf posted a message claiming that “Valk is OP.” In the post, they listed several reasons that they believed that the Legend was too powerful, including her ability to use her Ultimate to scan where surrounding teams are in the area. In addition, they used the word “unfun” to describe their experience in the game currently.

Since Barneyfnaf made this post, a number of members of the Apex Legends community have weighed in. With over 2,100 upvotes, many discussed the best ways to balance the Legend in the current meta. Among the comments, one idea some suggested was increasing the cooldown on her Skyward Dive, diminishing the number of times squads could reposition around the map. In addition, some proposed that she should no longer be able to scan beacons. Furthermore, some pointed out that her VTOL Jets made her extremely good at escaping other Legend’s Ultimates and could use a change.

It is worth mentioning that Valkyrie has already received a recent nerf. At the beginning of Season 13, the developers made it so players could no longer spin while launching into the air with Skyward Dive. This change caused Valkyrie and her squadmates to be much easier to hit when taking off.

Whether or not the developers at Respawn Entertainment elect to nerf Valkyrie again remains to be seen. However, the Legend is about to receive an heirloom during the next in-game event, the Awakening Collection Event. The update brings a unique heirloom for Valkyrie known as a Suzaku. With the character receiving a lot of upcoming attention, it seems somewhat unlikely that the developers would want to hit Valkyrie with too hard of a nerf.

Apex Legends is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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