Some Apex Legends Players Think Tufi is Back

A series of videos and hacks appear to suggest that the notorious hacker Tufi has somehow begun terrorizing Apex Legends streamers again.

Earlier this year, a hacker known as Tufi was terrorizing Apex Legends players. They would essentially hack into the game, load up any number of cheats, and chase after popular Twitch streamers in high-rank Apex Legends lobbies. Tufi was able to load into them despite not being Predator rank, in some cases, and he would simply terrorize players by killing them with cheats and non-stop harassing them. If they banned him, he would find a way to hack back in.

Indeed, there are several clips out there where Tufi pushed Apex Legends streamers to their boiling point, and at one point, Tufi was rumored to have been caught and even jailed. They denied this rumor at the time, or at least someone did, but eventually, Tufi faded away. Now, however, over the past week or so, it seems Tufi may have returned.


It’s unclear if it indeed is the original infamous Apex Legends hacker Tufi or if it is simply a copycat, but there is a hacker harassing streamers. Over the past week or so, the hacker has appeared in several Apex Legends clips—shown to be auto-aiming, hovering in the sky, and more. One video even shows him following a team just to mess with them and their opponents. This obviously leads to accusations of teaming, but since reports and bans don’t work and they won’t kill unless fired upon, it’s hard to even challenge him. One streamer has even claimed he had to stop playing Ranked in Apex Legends because of the hacker.

Notably, this hacker has appeared in streams of big names like Imperialhal and Aceu, meaning the motif is very similar to what Tufi did earlier this year. With the general nature of hacking, it’s hard to determine if this is actually Tufi or is a copycat, but either way, it appears they are using the same tactics to remain in Apex Legends.

Bypassing hardware bans in Apex Legends and the like, Tufi was a real monster in the community last time around, and it remains to be seen if this is a new reign of terror, a random pop-up, a copycat, or what. Respawn Entertainment had real issues with the hacker last time around, and it’s likely the initial stream snipings will continue until something more permanent is done against this hacker, Tufi or otherwise.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Dexerto

Source: Gamerant

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