Sniper Elite 5 Revealed for Next Year As Day One Xbox Game Pass Game

Sniper Elite 5 was recently announced for next year, and the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one.

Fans of the Sniper Elite game franchise can look forward to another game in the series, as Sniper Elite 5 was recently revealed. The game will be a direct sequel to Sniper Elite 4, and it will be developed and published by Rebellion.

Sniper Elite 5‘s reveal trailer showed off some of the familiar sniping gameplay that players expect from the Sniper Elite series. The trailer also revealed that Sniper Elite 5 will launch some time in 2022, and the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass users on day one.


Sniper Elite 5 will release on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and the trailer shows that gamers can download it from the Windows Store. According to a recent Xbox post, there a was good player response to Sniper Elite 4 launching on Xbox Game Pass earlier this year, explaining the game’s day one release. A specific 2022 release date has not been revealed.

The game is set in 1944 and will follow the story of a covert US Rangers operation to contact the French Resistance and weaken the Nazis’ Atlantikwall fortifications on the coast of Brittany. However, a secret Nazi project codenamed Operation Kraken threatens to end the war before the Allies can invade Europe on D-Day. Players will take on the role of iconic video game sniper Lt. Karl Fairburne to eliminate high-ranking Nazi officers and thwart Operation Kraken.

According to the post, Sniper Elite 5 will feature locations captured with photogrammetry. It will have some of the largest, most interactive, and immersive maps in the Sniper Elite series’s history. The areas in Sniper Elite 5 are based upon real-life locations from France in 1994, and the game will have a new traversal system that provides players a new “sandbox of options” for taking out targets in the game.

The game will have new weapon customization options with workbenches that allow players to upgrade and personalize aspects of their weapons to better suit their play style. Players will be able to change scopes, stocks, barrels, magazines, and more. Rifles, pistols, and secondary weapons will also have numerous customization options. Players will be able to select the specific ammo that’s best suited for their target, whether it’s armor-piercing rounds or non-lethal options.

Sniper Elite 5 will also feature an invasion mode drop-in for PVP, where players can invade another’s campaign as an Axis sniper and engage with the other player in sniping. Players can customize their character and loadout in multiplayer and compete in 16 player battles or team up with 3 players for co-op in Survival Mode. The game will also feature an enhanced kill cam that continues to show players the definitive x-ray shots, but in even more realistic detail.

Sniper Elite 5 is scheduled to release in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Xbox

Source: Gamerant

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