Skyrim’s Benor Makes Heroic Sacrifice

One Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player recently watched Benor die protecting them. Dragons are one of Skyrim‘s defining features, and they can spell trouble for anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with them.

Benor is one of many Skyrim NPCs that can become a follower or even Dragonborn husband, and he’s located in Morthal around the city guard house, or in the Moorside Inn at night. There are two quests revolving around the Skyrim character, with “Fight, Fight” having him display his powerful abilities for the Dragonborn, and “Laid to Rest” sending both the player and Benor through Movarth’s Lair. Because Benor guards the city of Morthal in his free time, he’s occasionally seen helping fend off local wildlife and dragons, but this creature happened to be his downfall.


Reddit user Atlas_of_Sol uploaded a video showing the aftermath of a battle against a Skyrim Ancient dragon, one of the more powerful beasts in the Bethesda RPG. The clip shows Skyrim‘s Benor laying on the ground, partially laying against one of the curved stone walls that include various dragon words on them. Though these locations are normally joyous moments for Skyrim players as they learn a new word that can be empowered with dragon souls, this occasion is more somber as the Dragonborn is helpless to resurrect the fallen Benor.

With the clip continuing for 40 seconds, the Skyrim hero just stares at Benor’s lifeless body as the dynamic weather provides further emphasis as rain falls from the sky. Saying goodbye to their friend, Atlas_of_Sol has seemingly opted to accept this character’s fate and won’t be reverting to an earlier save file to restore him. The video concludes before Atlas_of_Sol moves an inch which may suggest that they continued to lurk there for a bit longer before moving on with their Skyrim questing and exploration, never being able to speak to Benor again.

Although Benor isn’t the first Skyrim follower that players are likely to come across, many have adopted him as their favorite, with other favorites including Lydia, Serana, and Sven. Given that there are many Skyrim companions to choose from, Atlas_of_Sol may find another suitable bodyguard, but the game’s permadeath for certain characters ensures that Benor won’t respawn.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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