Skyrim Video Shows How Building Interiors Are Impossibly Large

A Skyrim player shares a video showing how the space inside of the Solitude Lighthouse doesn’t appear to make sense when viewed from the outside.

Developers like Bethesda occasionally have to put in a little extra work behind the scenes in order to keep a game as large as Skyrim running properly from one area to the next. One fan has found one of those internal tweeks and has shared it in a video of Skyrim presenting the player with a small building that takes an odd turn when loading the interior.

As is often the case with the most interesting insights from games like Skyrim, this comes from a Reddit post, in this case by user Sterling_217. The post has picked up under the game’s subreddit, gaining a lot of traction since it was posted. Fans have gathered around the video to comment and give their own interpretation of what the original intent was with this strange occurrence, with some of the internet’s favorite jokes showing up right away.


In the video, fans can see a location not far from Skyrim‘s city of Solitude called the Solitude Lighthouse where players will likely visit as a part of the Lights Out! side quest. From the outside, the building is a thin spire with several doors leading into an interior that shouldn’t be much larger than a linen or broom closet. However, when Sterling walks into the building, the player is loaded into what appears to be the inside of a house that would imply the inside is several times lager than what the exterior shows.

Other fans have already started to share their own theories on where this inconsistency in size might be coming from, such as the interior being either an upper or lower floor and the transition just skips the chair. It also didn’t take long for the “bigger on the inside” jokes to start coming from the Doctor Who obsessed side of the internet, jokingly claiming the Solitude Lighthouse to be a reference to the TARDIS from the series.

Whatever the reason might be, the transition from outside to inside of this strange Skyrim house can be jarring due to this either being a result of obscuring the space or simply not conveying exactly where the player is going.

This lighthouse isn’t the only place in Skyrim where things don’t exactly make sense, either when comparing the length of a dungeon to the mountain it runs through, or the size of building interiors to their exterior. In most cases, if there is a loading screen in Skyrim, some behind-the-scenes trickery is being done to make sure the new area the player is entering gives a better experience. The result is sometimes a door that appears to lead to an impossibly large room in exchange for offering an area that is satisfying to explore.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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