Skyrim Players Are Debating Over The Game’s Worst City

Over a decade after Skyrim was originally released, a group of fans is debating which of the game’s many cities is the worst and why.

Since the release of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim back in 2011, gamers around the world have had the opportunity to explore its vast open-world setting. The many cities, towns, and holds found across the game’s world contain some of the game’s most memorable characters and moments. However, some Skyrim fans are currently debating which location is the game’s worst city.

Redditor pzkpfw754r kicked off the conversation by asking other fans which Skyrim city they disliked the most and why. Since Skyrim is packed full of interesting cities and holds, some more important than others, this question has resulted in a variety of different answers.


Redditor renacido42 started things off by stating that they didn’t dislike any of Skyrim‘s cities, but their least favorite is Winterhold for one simple reason: half the city was destroyed 80 years ago and the citizens still don’t seem to have done much rebuilding. Another user notes that the nearby College of Winterhold could help bring the city back to life, but the Jarl’s refusal to embrace the college has led to economic stasis. A number of other users appear to agree with this argument, but Winterhold isn’t the only city being placed under harsh scrutiny.

Another Redditor named fatamerican1_ put the spotlight on Morthal, stating that the small city has always felt lackluster compared to the game’s other major cities. One reply noted that Morthal allegedly had a lot of cut content, including an option that would have allowed players to side with the vampires and take over the town. A third user noted that one of the cures for vampirism can be found in a Morthal quest, which may give the city something to be proud of. Meanwhile, a group of Redditors firmly put Helgen into the running for worst Skyrim city for its poor security, lack of juniper ale, flammability, and because they nearly got their heads cut off there.

A fourth possibility is Markarth, which one Redditor dubbed the worst city for the cannibals – and simply because it was Markarth. Another user expressed confusion at the news that Markarth had a cannibalism problem, as they apparently hated Markarth so much they refused to visit and hadn’t stumbled on the Hall of the Dead. A second user noted that they hated Markarth because it was the city most likely to cause their game to crash, while a third said they hated it because they kept getting lost there. Clearly, fans have lots of different opinions on the game’s settlements.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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