Skyrim Player Makes Blades Armor Look Even Cooler Using Dragon Aspect

Hosting one of the most iconic and expansive open worlds in gaming history, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the poster children for the open-world genre. With plenty of bandits to fight, dungeons to clear, quests to complete, and, of course, dragons to slay, Skyrim is chock-full of content for players to dive into from minute one.

While the game forces players through a tutorial that plays like a Skyrim guide for beginners, as well as a story segment at the very beginning to set up the rest of the story, players can almost immediately divert from the game’s intended path; many players most likely ran straight toward the mountain looming just outside the tutorial area, while others may have simply walked off into the wilderness.


However, for players who decided to follow the story’s path, eventually they would meet a secretive group known as The Blades. While this group has dwindled in number overtime, coming down to just a few individuals, in their heyday they were dragonslayers who managed to send Alduin, the main antagonist and a special character in Skyrim, into the future. Along with a pretty cool backstory, The Blades also sport a neat set of armor, and one player discovered that using a certain shout makes the armor look even cooler.

Reddit user SecludedCody captured an image of their character looking absolutely awesome from head to waist. Using The Blades’ armor set and combining it with Dragon Aspect, one of Skyrim‘s many dragon shouts, SecludedCody created a cool combination of metal and magic that fits together perfectly. Covered in strong-looking metal armor and silhouetted in orange and blue energy and spikes, SecludedAndy looked ready to take on Alduin and his many draconic friends all at once.

Reddit users loved SecludedCody’s look, and took to the comments to shout out their own combinations. One user noted the Dragon Aspect shout also looks awesome with deadric armor. Another user said that Miraak’s robes combined with the jagged crown make for a flashy combination as well. Yet another user replied using Skyrim‘s Dawnguard dragonbone weapons and armor with Dragon Aspect is the true Dragonborn way, to which a user replied they would be wearing the skin of their brethren; quite a chilling thought, in all honesty.

Regardless of other flashy combinations, SecludedCody’s idea gives off the idea of a dragonslaying warrior using their own power against them, which is a perfect summation of the game’s story. Thus, not only is SecludedCody’s set awesome, but also on-theme as well.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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