Skyrim Player Gets ‘Surprise of Their Life’ When Exiting a Shop


  • Skyrim’s longevity can be attributed to its dense and varied content, ensuring that the adventure is unique for each player. However, funny bugs have also helped.
  • Glitches and bugs, like a horse falling from the sky as a player exits a shop, have become a defining characteristic of Skyrim, adding to its charm and creating hilarious moments for players.

Even at twelve years old, Skyrim still has strange bugs cropping up over the course of a normal playthrough, as one of its players had their adventure interrupted by a horse falling from the sky. Starfield may be the most popular Bethesda title right now, but many fans are still enjoying their time with the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls franchise. Whether newcomers or veterans, Skyrim players keep discovering new things about the game, such as unorthodox ways to block spells or a side quest they’ve never seen before. Bethesda seems to have nailed the sandbox formula with Skyrim, as the Nord province is densely packed with content, and the journey is rarely the same.

However, there is another dimension to Skyrim that contributed to its longevity over the years: its unprecedented modding community. The sheer amount of mods for Skyrim, whether Special or Legendary Edition, counts in the tens of thousands, and some of them could only be described as literal game-changers. Ambitious projects that completely overhaul combat can shake up one’s Skyrim playthrough, but many players are still enthralled by the vanilla experience.

That seems to be the case for OneGenericEric, who seems to play a mostly un-modded version of the game, and whose Skyrim playthrough experienced a very sharp pause when they exited a village store. Namely, a horse fell from the sky, landed on its feet, dismounting its rider and bounding off across the street like a ragdoll. It’s undoubtedly a hilarious sequence of events that perfectly encapsulates the kind of glitches that have defined Skyrim (and other Bethesda games in the Creation Engine era).

Though the Skyrim Unofficial Patch mod tends to resolve the bugs that Bethesda never got around to fixing, NPCs spawning in the sky is a common phenomenon when switching from one area into the next – especially if it happens to be populated, such as Whiterun or Riften, one of the busiest cities in Skyrim when it comes to NPC interactions. It tends to occur due to the game not recognizing where the NPC is supposed to be, and has caused the deaths of many characters through no fault of the player themselves.

Ultimately, Skyrim is as beloved for its harmless bugs as Starfield is praised for being a more polished experience at launch. With The Elder Scrolls 6 in early development, players can likely expect Bethesda to draw from its experience in designing Starfield to hopefully deliver a more robust game on release.

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November 11, 2011



Source: Gamerant

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