Skyrim Player Finds Weird Item in Shop

The world of Skyrim has many wonders in it, and nearly as many oddities. One player recently came across one of these strange things, amusing and puzzling the Skyrim fan community in the process.

There are quite a few development secrets hidden away in Skyrim that can be accessed by glitching, through console commands, or by complete accident. This Skyrim player came across one of the elements that helps merchants do business behind the scenes, but it’s something most players will never see during their normal playthroughs.


Redditor kavog shared an image and a quip with the Skyrim subreddit revealing an item simply referred to as ‘Do Not Delete.’ The item appears as a small chest when looking at it an inventory, with a value of 142 gold and a weight of 0.5. Understandably, the title of the item puzzled the player, so they took to Reddit to share their amusement and to detail the answer behind the mysterious Skyrim object.

The ‘Do Not Delete’ item is one of the peculiarities of the way Skyrim is programmed. As some players may know, there are hidden treasure chests located in areas where players aren’t supposed to be able to access, containing the inventory that merchants have to sell. ‘Do Not Delete’ is similar, but it contains nothing within it. Instead, the item is basically a bit of code that tells the game how much gold a merchant should have, with a few variations of the ‘Do Not Delete’ item existing depending on how much the developers wanted each merchant to possess.

Clearly, the ‘Do Not Delete’ item was never meant to be seen by players. The name of it was presumably placed there to make it clear to devs that the item needed to be left in place, as removing or altering it could potentially cause problems with the merchant system in the game. Of course, commenters urged kavog to do the opposite and delete the item, but kavog intends to keep it as a rare and special item in their inventory.

While it might seem like this particular item is useless outside of novelty, it can actually be useful in accessing places players aren’t supposed to go to. The item doesn’t respond to the game’s physics properly, so if a player drops it, it remains hovering in mid-air. From there, players can use it to climb onto and access unique places. It’s a peculiar byproduct of the way Bethesda games have been programmed, though certainly not as strange as the Fallout train limb that was utilized in a cutscene.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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