Skyrim Clip Shows Forgemaster Reacting Strangely After Fight

A Skyrim player defeats The Forgemaster of Dawnguard’s DLC, which reacts strangely after falling over as it begins spinning around the room aimlessly.

Enemies in Skyrim are known to fly around or fall limp after being killed due to the game’s ragdoll physics, resulting in some hilarious moments after intense battles. One Skyrim fan noticed The Forgemaster reacting in such a way after being killed above the vents in the center of the arena it’s found in.

Reddit user Card444 recently posted a clip of their adventures in Skyrim in which they’re questing through the Dawnguard DLC included in most re-releases of the RPG. The Skyrim player battles The Forgemaster of the Aetherium Forge, the last boss of Card444’s active questline, and their video shows the final moments of the fight. Although The Forgemaster rises out of magma at the beginning of the fight, its body reacts unexpectedly to a vent that has fire poking through its gaps.


Card444’s clip begins with the player taking a charged swing at The Forgemaster with their two-handed Skyrim weapon and two lighter follow-up attacks hitting the metallic boss immediately after. Although it isn’t completely clear what enchantment Card444 has on their two-handed ax, the boss takes on a purple sheen after its effect impacts the Centurion, suggesting it has Shock or Soul Trap. These attacks show The Forgemasters health bar go from about one-fifth health to zero, and the enemy lets out one final fiery attack before toppling over stiffly to rest over the aforementioned heat vent.

While the Skyrim player walks up to The Forgemaster’s corpse to loot it after the fight concludes, they’re unable to open the inventory before it starts to spin around the room. Perhaps due to the fire beneath the vent, The Forgemaster collapses and the boss’s dead body starts to fly around the room as Skyrim‘s ragdoll physics take over. One of its arms initially sticks into the heat vent, with the rest of the corpse flinging around that center of gravity, but even after the arm is released, The Forgemaster is strangely sent flying like a player dying to a critical hit.

Because of the comical nature of The Forgemaster’s reaction to losing to Card444, several Skyrim players have pointed out the similarity between the boss’s reaction and break dancing. Others claimed that the Skyrim boss was throwing a temper tantrum after losing the battle and didn’t want to reward the player with loot just yet. While it’s currently unclear what bug is impacting The Forgemaster, it’s unlikely that Bethesda Softworks will resolve the issue as it’s a harmless visual one like so many other glitches in Skyrim.

Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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