Sims 4 Player Accidentally Hires Cat As a Wedding Musician

A player of The Sims 4 has managed to accidentally hire a cat as a wedding musician, with some unintended side effects. The addition of cats has provided new gameplay opportunities in The Sims 4, but this seems to be a step further than intended by developer Maxis.

As a life simulator, one of the main features of The Sims 4 is that players are able to live vicariously through the game and make choices they wouldn’t normally make in real life. This could definitely apply here, with a cat seeming to be a strange choice for a wedding musician, to say the least. It’s this freedom of choice that has kept players of The Sims coming back to the franchise for over two decades now. The developer’s perfection of the formula has meant that few have even tried to release a competitor over the years.


The cat musician was posted by Redditor DoodlePanda36, and according to the user, it had the unintended side effect of the cat attacking the wedding guests. Combine this with the Sims 4 Extreme Violence mod, and this could have been quite a sight. Unfortunately, the Redditor didn’t say exactly how they were able to hire a cat as a wedding musician. It’s not a normal feature of the game, so it’s possible that it’s a glitch, or a conflict in the user’s mods causing this to happen. The modding scene for the game is extremely active, and most players now play the game with some mods enabled, so it’s more than likely down to this, even if they’re not aware of what mod is exactly causing the problem.

When cats were first introduced to the game in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack, most wouldn’t have predicted them being used as a wedding musician. While the DLC provided more ways to interact with cats than ever before, this was certainly not the intention. In the thread itself, users made light of the situation, with one gamer saying “Something tells me Chotto lied on their resume,” while another described the situation as a “cat-astrophy.”

Gamers will be hoping that cats are part of the base game of The Sims 5 when it finally releases. Until now, cats and dogs have been reserved for paid expansion packs in previous Sims games, but ultimately a life simulator isn’t the same without some furry companions along for the ride. With The Sims 5 in active development under the “Project Rene” codename, little is known about the project. That hasn’t stopped fans from rampant speculation about the game, with some wanting The Sims 5 to level up how players interact with pets. Players can only wait to see how the next evolution of pets in The Sims is handled by developer Maxis.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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