Silent Hill Fans Can Now Explore PT’s Haunted Hallway in Virtual Reality

PT, the playable teaser for Silent Hills, comes to Oculus Quest VR headsets as an explorable home environment.

The playable teaser for Silent Hills took the world by storm when it hit PS4 consoles and footage reached the internet. All these years later, fans still aren’t over PT and its horrifying hallway, and now players can see if they’re brave enough to face its frightening world in VR.

There have been a few projects aiming at recreating PT in virtual reality, but most are in development and inaccessible to players. Now, one gamer has taken PT‘s infamous looping hallway and set it up so that players can explore it in VR on any Oculus Quest headset.


Redditor ROBYER1 rebuilt the Silent Hills hallway in Blender, a free 3D modeling and animation program, complete with refreshed lighting. Silent Hills‘ hallway and bathroom are now accessible via Oculus Quest’s virtual home environments. In other words, players can set up PT‘s environment to be their ‘home’ when they boot up the Oculus Quest. For those who have the space, they can use the roomscale mode to actually wander around the hallway and bathroom.

While this isn’t the full game, and therefore players can’t solve puzzles to survive and escape to see the teaser video at the end, ROBYER1 does promise some secrets are hidden away to scare players. While the demonstration video shows lights swaying from ceiling, none of the secrets are given away here, so players who are interested in being terrified will have to give it a try and see if Lisa spooks them.

Players who are interested in the VR scares will need to install SideQuest for Oculus Quest. The home environment can then be sideloaded onto the user’s headset. While there are several environments natively available on the Oculus/Meta Quest, fan-made ones like these require a little extra work to get set up.

It’s hard to imagine that the canceled Silent Hills would have anything but a giant success for Konami, given the pervasive nature of PT survives to this day. Unfortunately, Konami has been quite quiet on the subject of Silent Hill in general, though myriads of rumors have floated around hinting that Konami might be working on something, or has lent the rights to another developer so they can take a crack at it. Nothing’s been concretely announced, though, and as the series gets older, fans may find themselves starting to lose hope that the critically acclaimed survival horror series will ever see a return. However, even if the Silent Hill series goes quiet forever, players can at least relive classic series moments in a new way with the help of dedicated fans like ROBYER1.

Source: Gamerant

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