Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Nendoroid Announced

The creepily cute Robbie the Rabbit of Silent Hill 3 is getting the posable action figure treatment from Good Smile’s Nendoroid line.

Silent Hill‘s last official entry is rapidly approaching its tenth anniversary, with Downpour releasing back in early 2012. While Konami still hasn’t produced a follow-up since P.T. was canceled, fans of the series are still dedicated to the franchise.

While most would probably love to see a new game breathe new life into the Silent Hill series, the franchise hasn’t been completely forgotten. New merchandise celebrating some of the most iconic figures and monsters of Silent Hill have emerged, and now Silent Hill 3‘s Robbie the Rabbit is joining them.


Good Smile’s Nendoroid line is a branch of posable action figures that typically come with a variety of accessories and faceplates. The series is now adding Robbie the Rabbit, the terrifying theme park mascot of Silent Hill 3 to the line-up. Robbie will come in two different colors, pink and blue, with different accessories for each. The pink Robbie includes a pipe and chainsaw, while the blue comes with a plank and circular saw.

Good Smile shared a series of images of both Robbie the Rabbits. Their paint job gives them a slightly fuzzy look, reminiscent of fur. They come with additional parts so that the two can sit down, stand, hold their weapons, and multiple faceplates let fans either make them look normal or bloody. Each Robbie stands at about 4.5 inches, costs $58.99, and they’re expected to ship in November 2022.


This isn’t the first time that Good Smile has partnered with the Silent Hill franchise. Silent Hill has seen the release of some of its other horrifying creatures as Figma, the larger, less stylized posable action figures from the same company. Pyramid Head and the Bubblehead nurse from Silent Hill 2 have both received the action figure treatment.

While the actual game series has gone dormant, it’s clear that Silent Hill continues to be popular. Silent Hill has seen tie-ins with game series like Dead by Daylight, which has added Pyramid Head as a Killer and Heather/Cheryl Mason as a Survivor. Merchandise has continued to flow too, with Konami teaming up with companies like SuperGroupies to produce accessories and clothing based off of the series.

While fans of the series are likely happy that it hasn’t been completely forgotten, it’s still a far cry from the series revival fans were hoping for from Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills. Rumors continue to indicate that something is going on with Silent Hill, but nothing concrete has been revealed yet. For now, series fans will just have to wait until Konami returns to that place; Silent Hill.

Source: Gamerant

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