Sega Will Share More Sonic Frontiers News ‘Soon’

Despite the lack of updates regarding the upcoming Sonic Frontiers, Sega assures fans that more news will be shared before its release this year.

Last year at The Game Awards showcase, Sega finally unveiled the next game in its flagship series, Sonic Frontiers. This was the first full trailer of the game since its initial teaser reveal in May, and it finally gave fans an idea of what to expect. Sonic Frontiers‘ trailer included a look at its setting, taking place on a brand-new landmass known as Starfall Islands. It also confirmed the many rumors that the game would be taking place in an open world and would be the Blue Blur’s take on games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Fans have received very little information about the game throughout the year since its reveal, as the game has been mostly kept close to the chest. This includes its Holiday 2022 release date, its “open-zone” gameplay, and that it would feature some form of combat in the open world. It’s also been confirmed that longtime Sonic comics writer Ian Flynn will be writing Sonic Frontiers‘ story as well.

With very little information given to fans, it has left some fans either disgruntled, excited, or a mix of both. It doesn’t help that most of the information regarding Sonic Frontiers has been shared through rumors and leaks, which makes it hard to pinpoint what kind of content will be included accurately. These questions regarding an update on this game have reached other members of the team, such as Sega of America community manager Katie Chrzanowski.

In a recent Sonic Official livestream, Chrzanowski was asked when fans could expect more news about this next mainline Sonic project. She stated it will be arriving “soon” or at least sometime this year. She notes that while the team doesn’t have any news for Sonic Frontiers at this time, she assures fans that it will still be coming out this Holiday season as well. It should be noted that Sega itself has previously stated that the game had been delayed from a 2021 release to 2022’s holiday season in order to ensure a quality game.

While it might be a while before more news about Sonic Frontiers will be revealed, there are other Sonic-related projects to look forward to this year. These include the Sonic Origins collection, where four classic Sonic the Hedgehog games have been bundled into one game, and it is set to release this June. Chrzanowski also addressed other aspects of Sonic Origins in the livestream, noting while there currently are no plans for a physical version, Sega has been made aware of the fervent fan demand for one.

Sonic Frontiers is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Nintendo Life

Source: Gamerant

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