Sega Could Be Planning its Own Gaming Metaverse

A recent job posting suggests that Sega may be looking to make a push for the gaming metaverse as part of the company’s future strategy.

For decades, Sega has been a staple in the video game industry, thanks in large part to the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog along with Yakuza, Phantasy Star Online, and others. Now, in the midst of many game companies looking to invest in new technological trends, be it the metaverse or web 3.0, Sega appears to be joining the party as well. In fact, it seems that the company may have its own metaverse ambitions.

Ever since its release in the early 90s, Sonic the Hedgehog has remained one of Sega’s most recognizable franchises over the years. Thanks to two recent movies, its fan base and appeal continue to show promise as the company looks to grow the franchise further. During the past few months, Sega has announced a number of upcoming Sonic projects including the retro styled Sonic Origins as well as another mainline title called Sonic Frontiers. However, one of the company’s recent job postings indicates that Sega may have its metaverse plans lined up along with Sonic‘s future.


The post lists a vacancy for a Senior Producer for mobile and metaverse games at the Sonic maker’s office in Burbank, CA. Accordingly, the senior producer will help with delivering Sonic the Hedgehog mobile and metaverse products that will be developed for the global market. Among many other responsibilities and requirements, the role also states that the candidate should have an understanding of “a solid mobile experience, as well as what a future metaverse experience, may be” and to be aware of the various metaverse needs and restrictions “to stay successful and relevant.”

As seen in recent months, Sega has been ramping its efforts around the Sonic franchise most notably with its upcoming titles. Additionally, the company has mentioned that the digital versions of classic Sonic titles will be delisted in May following the release of Sonic Origins. This means that fans may not be able to play Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD other than via Sonic Origins. This could also be an indication that Sega may be preparing the franchise for its metaverse future.

Of course, Sega isn’t the only company to make a push for the metaverse. Bandai Namco is already investing $150 million into an “IP metaverse” and more recently, Epic partnered with LEGO for a metaverse project of its own. While it’s unclear what Sega‘s gaming metaverse may look like, it will be interesting to see how this space will pan out within the gaming industry.

Source: Gamerant

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