Sega Confirms Sonic Frontiers Missed 30th Anniversary to Ensure Quality

Sonic Frontiers is setting itself to be one of the most promising games for the franchise since Sonic Generations. Ever since the teaser trailer was revealed on Sonic Central, many fans have been buzzing among themselves as to what the game could be leading up to, some theorizing that the way the upcoming title has taken so long has been to try to make sure the game is a good product. As of a recent management meeting with Sega Sammy Holdings, that theory has been revealed to be true.


With how companies are conglomerates working towards an end goal, management meetings are held to assure that those involved can be on the same track towards the goals the corporation wants to reach, be it short-term or long-term. Last month, Sega Sammy Holdings held one of these meetings and has shared a translated write-up with information regarding NFTs, its current IPs, and more.

The very first thing mentioned in the write-up was Sonic Frontiers, and what scope Sega hopes it will have financially. Sega states that since Frontiers is “a completely new title for the first time in many years,” it’s expecting it to make quite a mark within the first year. The company also states “this is the title with no compromise in terms of quality and that has taken on many new challenges,” before saying for certain that it was kept back from releasing for the anniversary to ensure the game’s wellbeing overall.


For many fans, hearing this from Sega itself is most likely very exciting. The write-up also states that Sega’s been “steadily conducting analysis to improve the title before release,” specifically mentioning external references. This most likely refers to the playtesting that lead to Sonic Frontiers’ leaks that revealed the nature of the game in advance. Sega also states that it specifically hopes Frontiers sells better than Forces in its first year, with Forces’ sale mark hitting a meager 100,000 to 200,000 in sales during that time.

Thanks to this write-up, it’s made perfectly clear that Sega is giving Sonic Team all the time it needs to make sure Frontiers is a success, but where that may excite fans, it may worry others. To many, there has always been an argument that more Sonic games have been bad than good, and if Frontiers fails to meet metrics, the future of Sonic will remain rather bleak.

However, this write-up also puts Sega’s confidence in the spotlight, while also indirectly saying that what the playtest leakers described as Frontiers’ biggest flaws may be ironed out at this point. With how impressive the visuals are in the Game Awards trailer and development time still left, Sonic Frontiers definitely seems as promising as Sega makes it sound. Time will tell just how Frontiers performs, but with the write-up also specifying that Sega feels that the Sonic IP is “strong,” a setback might not be enough to stop the 30-year-old speedster.

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to release for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in holiday 2022.

Source: Sega Sammy Holdings

Source: Gamerant

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