Schlatt Announces Twitch Streaming Return

After a hiatus of around two years, JSchlatt announces his Twitch streaming return with a brief animation that confirms a date and time.

Many popular Twitch streamers take small breaks to focus on their personal lives, and one streamer who recently took an extended break has confirmed their return. After two years of being offline, JSchlatt has confirmed that he’s returning to Twitch very soon.

JSchlatt recently confirmed in a YouTube video that he will be returning to livestreaming on Twitch on December 18 at 8:00 p.m. EST. The announcement came during a brief trailer for Schlatt’s Twitch channel, in which the content creator is sleeping at his desk before his logo shines brightly in the sky, calling him to action. Schlatt’s cartoon persona then suits up before visiting a Casino to take out some goons and a Pickle Rick-wielding lady with the help of his trusty cat sidekick.


The end of JSchlatt’s Twitch return trailer shows the cartoonish streamer sitting at his desk still wearing his suit before visiting Twitch and clicking the Go Live button. The short clip is just over a minute long and it’s reminiscent of other streamer animations, such as Pokimane’s Twitch introduction and Dr Disrespect’s YouTube introduction. The videos show Twitch and YouTube viewers who the streamers they’re watching are, fundamentally.

The YouTube video that Schlatt included his Twitch return announcement in was entitled “I’m quitting YouTube,” suggesting that Schlatt will primarily be focusing on livestreaming moving forward. Considering Schlatt moved to YouTube after his Twitch departure about two years ago, this may just reflect experimenting with different content on a different platform. JSchlatt teased returning to Twitch multiple times throughout 2021 so his return isn’t a surprise to his fans, but his departure from YouTube may distress fans of his content there.

During his recent YouTube video, Schlatt explained that the channel was created for somewhere else to save his Twitch highlights. He stated that at the time, he felt like he couldn’t do much other than play Minecraft because only a handful of games sparked interest on Twitch at the time. According to Schlatt, he’d drop thousands of Twitch views if he streamed anything else at the time so he neglected to do what he wanted in favor of doing what his audience wanted.

Schlatt is primarily known for streaming Minecraft content on Twitch and in his recent YouTube video, he confirmed that he felt pigeonholed into making certain content before his two-year break. Since his Twitch break began, JSchlatt dabbled in various types of YouTube content such as other animations, reacting, tier lists, and vlogs. JSchlatt’s Twitch channel still has around 1.3 million followers who are anticipating his upcoming return, while his YouTube channel maintains a stronger following of 3.04 million subscribers.

Source: Gamerant

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