Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs change the game in every way

At the exact point where art and science meet, that’s where you’ll find Samsung’s remarkable new Quantum Mini LED TV technology. It allows Samsung Neo QLED televisions to set entirely new standards where picture quality, energy efficiency and audio quality are concerned. It even enables the TVs to be slimmer and more elegant than ever before.

By significantly reducing the size of the LEDs used to backlight a screen’s Quantum Dots, Samsung creates space for significantly more of them. Quantum Mini LED is 40 times smaller than a conventional LED, so Samsung NeoQLED TVs can feature many thousands of of these lights.

The effects are apparent in every respect. The QE65QN800A, QE55QN94A and QE55QN85A Samsung NeoQLED TVs are elegant, super-slim objects that look good in any environment. The QE65QN800A, with its 8K resolution and stunning next-generation picture quality, also features Samsung’s One Connect box, which keeps the number of connection cables to the screen down to just one. So a Samsung NeoQLED TV enhances, rather than distracts from, the environment in which it’s positioned.

And once it’s in position, the benefits are even more obvious. Such small, and such numerous Quantum Mini LEDs let Samsung’s Quantum Matrix technology exert the most precise, most focussed control of contrast and brightness. Black tones are deeper and more nuanced, and white tones pop from the screen – which means contrast details are richer than ever before.

With cutting-edge AI-powered processing for pin-sharp 4K/8K detail and convincing motion, Neo QLED delivers Samsung’s sharpest, most compelling pictures yet. And in conjunction with a host of other cutting-edge technologies, it makes a Neo QLED TV the perfect choice for next-gen console gamers.

Samsung Neo QLED TV has what it takes to bring the very best from your PC, with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. This adaptability and responsiveness means you’ll be immersed in the most lifelike, absorbing images—and it means HDR games are stable, bright and vibrant, with no tearing or stuttering even when the on-screen action goes into overdrive.

To keep your gaming experience crisp and immersive, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus uses its ultra-high 120Hz refresh rate to keep 4K graphics smooth, accurate and completely free from jitter, even when you’re playing the most intense, fast-moving games around. No blur, no shake, just the most detailed, most absorbing graphics possible. And it helps reduce input lag too—the time between your button-press and the on-screen graphics responding is down at an incredibly low 0.01 of a second.

And on top of all that, Dynamic Black Equaliser technology reveals the finest details even in the deepest, darkest scenes. Auto Low Latency Mode detects when you’ve fired up your games console, and automatically minimises input lag and maximises picture setting—so you’ll always be ready to lose yourself in that extraordinary Samsung Neo QLED TV image quality. And with Samsung’s 10-year Screen Burn warranty*, you can get your game on for as long as you like.

Brilliant, lifelike gaming action deserves equally epic audio quality, of course, so SamsungNeo QLED TVs also feature Object Tracking Sound**. Experience ultra-realistic 3D surround sound, no matter what you’re watching, thanks to dedicated high-performance speakers that let sound move around to follow the on-screen action.

So in every way, Samsung Neo QLED TV sets new standards. New technological standards, and new standards of picture performance… and, perhaps most of all, entirely new standards where your PC gaming experience is concerned. You’ve never seen anything like it.

*Participants must register for the 10 year screen burn warranty within 90 days of purchase, T&Cs apply.
**Feature varies by model

Source: PC Gamer

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