Sable Coming to PS5 With Some New Features

Sable, after a year of not being available on PlayStation platforms, is coming to PlayStation 5. The open-world exploration game has been warmly received on its other supported platforms, including PC and Xbox consoles, when it launched on September 23, 2021. Interested PlayStation users have waited patiently since. Those PlayStation users have been rewarded for their patience, as Sable is now confirmed to be launching on PS5 with some exciting new content.

For those unfamiliar, players take on the role of Sable in the game as she attempts a rite of passage called the Gliding. This rite will see Sable travel across a beautiful but deteriorating world of sand and memories of past civilizations. She won’t have to walk, luckily, as she has a customizable hover bike that can speed across dunes and over obstacles with ease. Along the way, Sable will have to solve puzzles and discover a secret history that adds richness to an otherwise lonely sojourn.


The PlayStation 5 release of Sable arrives on November 29 and will include two key additions. The first, which will also be released on other platforms, is a fishing mini-game. Players will be able to fish across the open world, collecting a diverse range of fish for their Vivarium in Sable. There’s also an Angler Mask to collect, for those especially confident in their fishing. The Vivarium is also expanding further, with a selection of new insects added to Sable. The additions should give players all the more reason to explore Sable‘s open world.

The second addition is a PlayStation 5 exclusive feature. Developer Shedworks has added support for the PS5’s DualSense controller and its haptic feedback technology. That may not be a reason for Sable fans to revisit the game, but for new Sable players on PS5, it should help add an enticing element of immersion to the experience.

Those still with a PlayStation 4, searching for a PlayStation 5 at retailers, are unfortunately out of luck. Sable developer Gregorios Kythreotis confirmed on Twitter that there are no current plans to bring Sable to PS4. It’s unclear if this is due to an exclusivity deal or if Shedworks simply considers the PS5 version definitive and is ready to move on.

The two-person Shedworks team and its collaborators made Sable as their first project. Not only is Sable a substantial open-world game, but Shedworks will have released it across multiple platforms including PC and console. It’s quite the achievement, and PlayStation fans will hopefully soon agree that Shedworks is just getting started.

Sable releases November 29 on PS5, and is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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