Rust Patch Adds Lunar New Year Content and More

A new patch adds Lunar New Year content to major online open-world survival game Rust, allowing players to celebrate the holiday.

Facepunch Studios’ well-crafted but grueling Rust is probably one of the most difficult major online open-world survival games available on the market. Gamers can use a number of different items and tactics to try and ahead of the game’s many threats, which include hungry wildlife, the inhospitable environment, and other players. Now, Rust is adding a host of new content to celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday.

There are a variety of guides to help new players adjust to Rust, but more experienced players may want to look into more decorative items and gear. The game has hosted previous seasonal events that added aesthetic items into the game, so this update is in good company.


A recent tweet from the verified Rust Twitter account links to a post on the game’s website that explains what players can expect from the Lunar New Year celebration. Apparently, players will be able to craft throwable firecrackers designed to make a racket, and can buy several returning items from previous years. In other words, the New Years Gong, Dragon Door Knocker, and Chinese Lantern are once again available for purchase. Rust isn’t the only game that’s celebrating the Lunar New Year right now, but it certainly put a lot of effort into the event.

Players will also be able to purchase a new Lunar New Year-themed item and cosmetic, the Sky Lantern and the Tiger Mask. Purchasing these items through the shop will allow players to craft them in-game, which means that dying in Rust won’t force gamers to lose their new treasures. This is fortunate since it’s very easy to die in a game like Rust. The Tiger Mask will replace the existing wolf headdress item, while the Sky Lantern serves as an unorthodox way to transport a single item by air. Players can ignite the Sky Lantern with a lit torch and send it into the skies, where it will take one item sailing in the direction the player happens to be looking in.

As of writing, it appears that some Rust fans are more excited than others about the new items. After the items were revealed, several users replied to the tweet by reporting problems with the Rust item shop. Some of them attached screenshots of what seems to be a Year of the Tiger SAR with the wrong skin graphic showing. Other users stated that the new Tiger Mask looks more like a boar mask.

Rust is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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