Rumor: Sony Wants Final Fantasy Games Exclusively on PS5 This Generation

A new rumor suggests that Sony is looking to make sure that the Final Fantasy franchise stays exclusive to PlayStation this generation.

The Final Fantasy games were once strongly associated with Nintendo, as Square Enix released the first six games in the series exclusively on the NES and Super Nintendo systems. However, things changed when Sony introduced the PS1, with Square Enix jumping ship to release Final Fantasy games exclusively on PlayStation up until Final Fantasy 11 was released on PC and Final Fantasy 13 launched for Xbox 360.

Since then, the Final Fantasy franchise has mostly been multiplatform, with Final Fantasy 14 releasing for both PC and PlayStation consoles and Final Fantasy 15 coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. While the series will remain on PC, it seems as though Sony is wanting Final Fantasy to be console exclusive to PlayStation yet again, if recent rumors are any indication.


VGC’s Jordan Middler recent commented on ResetERA about Square Enix’s plans for Final Fantasy. According to Middler, most of the games that Square Enix publishes will make their way to Xbox, but it’s doubtful that Final Fantasy games will beyond the upcoming Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. “Sony wants PS to be the home of FF this gen,” Middler said. Middler also pointed out that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was already supposed to be on Xbox, but that has yet to happen.

Final Fantasy 16 M-Rated

While Sony and Square Enix haven’t announced any official partnership, it does seem like Sony is indeed making sure Final Fantasy is console exclusive to PlayStation 5 this generation. Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, after all, and even the non-Final Fantasy Square Enix game Forspoken is a PS5 console exclusive as well. While it’s certainly possible that one or both of those games will come to Xbox at some point down the line, it may be better if Xbox enthusiasts don’t hold their breath.

Sony has bolstered the PlayStation 5’s library by securing third-party exclusives for the console. For example, PS5 console exclusive Deathloop was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, but will only be available for PS5 until next September, at which point it’s eligible to make its way to competing consoles. A similar deal was inked for the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo as well, but now that Microsoft owns Bethesda, Sony will need to seek out other partners if it hopes to keep getting third-party PS5 exclusive games.

Fans will have to ultimately wait and see what happens, but for now, the only way for console gamers to play games like Final Fantasy 16 at launch will be on a PS5.

Source: ResetERA (via WCCFTech)

Source: Gamerant

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