Rumor: Pokemon GO Could Be Adding Ads

A leak has released datamined information from the next Pokemon GO update, revealing that new ads may be added into the game. Though advertisements were already in Pokemon GO, these new ads could be intrusive pop-ups that clutter users’ screens.

The leak, which originated from Twitter account Pokeminers, released the ads alongside other new assets being added into Pokemon GO. According to the tweet, the ad assets are all for Google admob popups. These ads are the typical pop-up ads found in most mobile games, and if consistent with other games, will appear on players’ screens frequently and randomly.


Twitter users’ responses were varied at the idea of intrusive ads in Pokemon GO, and the comment section below Pokeminers’ tweet was quickly overtaken by users airing opinions and frustrations. Many of the users complained that the game was already monetized enough and didn’t need any more ads. Others stated they would uninstall or quit the game if the ads were added to the game. Some users feared these assets were leading to the addition of video advertisements and subscription-based services. A few users wondered how intrusive these ads would be, and had hope that the ads would give optional benefits in Pokemon GO players could ignore.

Up until this point, players were happy with the way Pokemon GO handled advertisements. Many of the in-game advertisements gave cosmetic accessories for players, such as branded clothes, sponsored Poke-Stops, and ad balloons. The difference between these advertisements and the leaked ads is that the ads currently in the game are not intrusive and, in the case of the Poke-Stops and ad balloons, reward players for interacting with them.

If these new intrusive ads are anything like other ads for games, if added, they will make catching or battling in Pokemon GO a much more tedious play experience and reduce immersion for players. Imagine a player walking through their local park, ready to catch a Pokemon, only to accidentally press a pop-up for a different game instead of throwing a Pokeball. Games with these intrusive ads tend to weave them into as much of the gameplay as possible, and if added, it is possible there will be ads on startup, between battles, and inside the game menus.

However, this is datamined information, and there is a chance these ads will not be added to the game. It is possible the information is inaccurate or incorrect, which would mean players’ anger is unfounded. If these ads are confirmed to be added at a later date, there is also the chance that Niantic, developer of Pokemon GO, would go back on their decision if enough players protested their decision, but only time will tell what direction the future of Pokemon GO will be taken in.

Pokemon GO is now available on mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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