Rumor: Persona 3 Project Could Be Series’ Next Announcement

Following a promise that there will be a new announcement in February, a rumor is circulating that the next Atlus reveal is Persona 3 related.

Earlier this year, ATLUS told its fans to keep their eyes open, announcing that there are a litany of Persona-related reveals planned. The developer has been making it known that it will be celebrating the Persona series’ 25th anniversary this year, one of its most popular properties. The inaugural anniversary celebration has seen the release of brand-new merchandise, with many of the franchise’s protagonists being represented. This includes Persona 5‘s Joker/Ren Amamiya and Persona 4‘s Yu Narukami, with Persona 1 and 2‘s protagonists being given a spotlight too. Even Persona 3 Portable‘s exclusive female protagonist is a part of the key art for the anniversary.


Many fans have expected Atlus to be announcing future games, too, with several of the rumors revolving around news of a new port or remaster. One of these was recently revealed at The Game Awards 2021, as a Persona 4 Arena Ultimax remaster is coming to modern consoles. Considering this game continues the stories of Persona 3 and 4, it’s one of the best games to remaster since it celebrates the series as a whole. While this game has Persona 4‘s branding, which is bolstered with the recent re-release of Persona 4 Golden to Steam, it leaves Persona 3 out in the cold considering much of Arena’s plot revolves around the P3 characters.

However, this leads to a rumor that has been floating around on the internet, as insiders have made claims about what the next Persona anniversary announcement will be. The most prevalent rumor comes from Zippo, a rather infamous leaker who has been either hit or miss in terms of the accuracy of leaks. Zippo’s latest leak claims that the next project will be a multiplatform remaster of the PSP exclusive Persona 3: Portable.

It is worth noting that this leak was called into question by reputable Persona/Shin Megami Tensei dataminer Pan-hime, who immediately rebuked the claim. Despite that, she didn’t deny the idea that what is rumored to appear is Persona 3-related. While it’s possible the game she is hinting at won’t be a remaster of Persona 3: Portable, it could be a remaster of Persona 3: FES or even a full-on remake.

With seven confirmed projects from Atlus, alongside the announcement coming in February, it’s entirely possible that there will soon be news regarding a Persona 3 remake or remaster. It would be a great way for fans to re-experience one of the most beloved entries from the franchise, considering that Persona 3‘s been locked behind PS2 and PSP formats for the last decade or so. This is only speculation at this time, however, so it should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made.

Source: Twitter

Source: Gamerant

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