Rumor: Hogwarts Legacy ‘In Trouble’ and Could Get Delayed to Next Year

A new report suggests that the upcoming Harry Potter action-RPG Hogwarts Legacy could very well be delayed to some point next year.

There have been many Harry Potter video games over the years, but none have been quite as ambitious as the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game. Hogwarts Legacy is a big budget action-RPG set in the Harry Potter universe, giving players the chance to create their own witch or wizard and attend classes at Hogwarts. It’s a dream game concept for many Harry Potter fans, and while it was supposed to come out this year, a new rumor suggests it won’t quite meet its planned release date.


There once was a time when the Hogwarts Legacy release date was expected to be at some point in 2021. But then Warner Bros. Interactive announced that it was delaying the Hogwarts Legacy release date to an undetermined point in 2022. There haven’t been any updates on the game since then, and it seems that there may be a reason for that. According to Colin Moriarty of the Sacred Symbols podcast, Hogwarts Legacy may very well be delayed to 2023.

Moriarty, an established industry insider, said that he has heard that Hogwarts Legacy may not come out in 2022 as expected. He added that the game may be “in some sort of trouble,” which doesn’t bode well for Harry Potter fans who were looking forward to playing Hogwarts Legacy in 2022. But before fans get too anxious about Moriarty’s report, it’s best to wait for an official announcement.

hogwarts legacy creature head pat feature

As it stands, there hasn’t been a Hogwarts Legacy news update since the game’s release date delay was announced. Fans have been hoping to see the game at various gaming events like PlayStation State of Play presentations and The Game Awards, only for these events to come and go with no mention of Hogwarts Legacy.

One possibility put out there is that Warner Bros. isn’t showing the game because it’s trying to avoid backlash stemming from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s comments about transgender people. Rowling has caused significant controversy for the various comments she’s made about the transgender community, and that has in turn resulted in problems with the Harry Potter universe, including the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game.

Some unsubstantiated reports indicate that Hogwarts Legacy was actually supposed to be at The Game Awards 2021, but was pulled due to Rowling’s comments and replaced with the Wonder Woman game announcement instead. It’s unclear if there’s any truth to that claim, but regardless, fans should be getting a news update on Hogwarts Legacy relatively soon. And whenever it does happen, it will be interesting to see if the rumors about its delay are accurate or not.

Hogwarts Legacy is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Sacred Symbols Podcast (via VGC)

Source: Gamerant

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