Rumor: Hideo Kojima’s Next Game is PlayStation-Exclusive Death Stranding 2

Rumors claim that Kojima Productions might already be working on a sequel to Death Stranding, with a few more tidbits of info that may confirm whether they’re true over a long period of time. Hideo Kojima himself is yet to outright confirm much of anything about his studio’s next release, but it’s fairly well known by now that it’s working on an Xbox-funded project, too.

The success of Death Stranding essentially established Kojima Productions as a capable studio that stands on its own two feet following Kojima’s break with Konami, and there’s been plenty of rumors as to what its next game might be. On the Xbox side of things, the studio is working on Project Overdose, a horror title starring Margaret Qualley. However, sources now indicate that there’s another major production being worked on, too.


According to leaker DuskGolem, Death Stranding 2 is now being actively developed under Sony’s umbrella. The notion that there’s a new Death Stranding game being made isn’t necessarily new, but DuskGolem does claim that it’s going to be a PlayStation exclusive and that its internal codename is “Ocean,” which may or may not suggest that the game will lean towards naval traversal mechanics. DuskGolem also went out of his way to say that Kojima Productions’ deal with Xbox was never about Death Stranding 2, and that the studio is yet to decide whether it will continue its exclusivity deal with Sony after the game’s been released.

While some feel that Death Stranding won’t benefit from a sequel, there’s an argument to be made about focusing on an all-new element of mobility. Terrestrial travel’s been covered rather extensively in the first Death Stranding, to be sure, but the sequel’s codename (which might not mean anything, it’s worth reiterating) could be taken to mean that Kojima Productions is trying to deliver an adventure game about traveling across the ocean.

DuskGolem’s claims certainly follow the precedent of Kojima’s work being tightly interwoven with Sony’s own studios and consoles, hearkening back to the earliest days of his career. Official reveals are still pending, but it’s not difficult to imagine that much of this is true. Whatever the case may be, Overdose and Death Stranding 2 will define Kojima and his output in the current generation of consoles and set up future prospects for Kojima Productions itself.

With both Xbox and PlayStation seemingly working with Kojima Productions on their own respective prospects, it’s interesting to note that Google allegedly canceled Kojima’s Stadia exclusive in the early days of the platform’s lifespan. The reasoning provided was that it was a single-player game – which Kojima specializes in – and it’s possible that some of the work done for that title had been transferred over into either of the studio’s two ongoing productions, though that’s just speculation at this time.

Death Stranding is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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