Rockstar Energy is Planning Starfield-Themed Drinks

This past week, Xbox and Bethesda unveiled the first thorough look at Starfield, the massive upcoming sci-fi RPG. Taking up a significant portion of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 event, it’s clear that Starfield is being positioned as Xbox’s biggest upcoming release. It’s perhaps no surprise then that Starfield is already lining up some cross-promotion. While it’s not yet available, it appears that Xbox and Bethesda are partnering with Rockstar Energy for a line of Starfield drinks.


The Rockstar/Starfield collaboration was leaked online via a Reddit post from someone with access to what they describe as “testing/market surveys.” User Macky941 shared a photograph of three cans of the Starfield Rockstar Energy drink, turned in different directions to show the entire can. The front of the silver can is adorned with a Starfield logo and the motto, “For All Into the Starfield.” Altogether it’s a very smart and attractive design.

Another interesting aspect of the Rockstar/Starfield energy drink collaboration is the flavor. It’s listed as “Galactic Honeydew Melon,” an entirely new flavor for Rockstar’s line of energy drinks. The company has previously done a Watermelon flavor, and has dozens of other fruit flavors, but this appears to be its first honeydew option. Rockstar likes to experiment with his collaboration flavors, like its Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Cola. Perhaps the appeal of a major game release offers an instant level of success that allows for flavor creativity.

Befitting a crossover with a major game release, the Starfield/Rockstar drink looks like it will also have some kind of activity digital reward associated with purchases. The side of the can reads “Enter Tab Codes to Score” and then has a link to a website mentioning both Starfield and Rockstar. It’s unclear if rewards will include Starfield DLC unlocks or something similar, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. The website is not currently live.

As noted, the Starfield/Rockstar collaboration is, at this moment, currently only being evaluated via a market survey. That means that it’s still possible that the collaboration won’t be released as a full product, or that it may change in some way before it arrives. Odds are this is a done deal and Rockstar is just testing to see how it will be received, though.

The Rockstar Starfield Galactic Honeydew Melon drink isn’t currently available to purchase. If it does come to market, it likely won’t be until closer to Starfield’s launch. Still, for fans of Bethesda game merch or Rockstar energy drink fans, it’s something to look forward to.

Starfield releases in the first half of 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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