Rocket League Is Bringing Back Voice Chat Feature

After nearly eight months since its removal, Psyonix is finally bringing in-game voice chat back to Rocket League, complete with upgrades.

An important feature will finally be returning to Rocket League soon, as an upcoming update will finally allow players to use in-game voice chat again. Voice chat was absent from the game for several months, and its return brings important quality-of-life changes and upgrades.

As an eSports game, Rocket League requires fast communication and teamwork to succeed. Voice chat is an effective communication method for many eSports, so its removal from the game was a surprise to many players.


In a new report, Psyonix detailed what changes will be coming to voice chat when it returns in an upcoming update, and the overhaul brings with it many useful options for customizing the Rocket League experience. Players will have a persistent connection to party chat between games, seamlessly switching to team chat during matches. Device options and selective player muting will also be available, an especially welcome feature considering how easy voice chat is for toxic players to abuse.

The removal of voice chat last year was an issue mitigated with third-party solutions like Discord, but it could still be frustrating to console players – especially since the Nintendo Switch lacks a convenient voice chat solution. Fortunately, games like Fortnite have already implemented in-game voice chat without much issue, and it seems like Rocket League will follow suit, especially since it comes from the same publisher as Fortnite. Psyonix clarified in a reply to the news release that voice chat will work cross-platform, so hopefully, the problems with voice chat on consoles will be mitigated as soon as the update launches on May 9.

While voice chat’s return is welcome, the nature of voice communication also means it will be much more difficult to moderate than text chat. Voice chat cannot be logged the same way and cannot be filtered in real-time for specific words and actions reliably, so bans will probably be implemented by report volume, as is common with in-game voice chat. Alternately, Psyonix could constantly record what players say in voice chat, but such solutions can be uncomfortable prospects for players. No voice chat moderation solution is perfect, so some players may opt to use the less effective but still useful Quick Chat option for easy non-verbal communication.

Overall, voice chat’s return is good news for all currently supported platforms and will serve the staying power of the already massive popularity Rocket League enjoys. Despite being released in 2015, Rocket League‘s continued support keeps the gamers playing, especially with Season 6 currently underway.

Rocket League is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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