Roblox Making Huge Change to Advertisements in the Game

Roblox has confirmed that it is making some significant changes to the way advertisements work in the game, mostly pertaining to age restrictions. With its growing community, Roblox continues to be supported by the developer despite being first released 17 years ago.

Due to its predominantly younger player base, Roblox must be considerate of the content that makes it into the game, which is undoubtedly difficult in a game driven by user-generated content. However, the game has been taking some steps in the right direction in this regard. Late last year, Roblox patented a system for age-appropriate content recommendations which in theory should make it more difficult for adult content to reach younger players. The game already has parental controls available for use, but this can easily be missed by a lot of parents.


An update to the Roblox Community Standards reveals that the game will now be hiding all advertisements for users under the age of 13. As well as this, the game has implemented a blanket ban on advertisements for NFTs and cryptocurrency, with online dating services, fortune-tellers, funeral services, and insect body parts all also falling under the updated “prohibited advertising” categories. After Roblox lost $900 Million last year, the loss in advertisement revenue could be tough for the company to swallow, however, it comes as a necessary change to the current system.

The change is reportedly a response to the Truth in Advertising complaint about Roblox forwarded to the FTC, which alleged the game “surreptitiously” aims advertisements toward children. Despite the drama, it has mostly been business as usual in terms of actual content for the game. It was recently announced that Roblox is collaborating with SpongeBob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so players still have a lot to look forward to at the moment.

Despite the game’s financial losses, Roblox has actually continued to grow in players over the last few years. Its release on Xbox in 2015 was a big turning point in the mainstream success of the game, bringing huge amounts of new players as the game exploded on video-sharing sites like YouTube. Others have attempted to recapture the success for themselves, with one new game described as “Roblox for adults.” Despite this, not many have come close to replicating the magic found in Roblox‘s user-generated madness. Hopefully the game retains its strong level of post-launch support to keep Roblox active for many years to come.

Roblox is available now on Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

Source: Gamerant

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