Roblox Corp Working On System for Detecting Counterfeit Items

A recent patent from Roblox Corp suggests the massively popular game is developing a system to automatically detect counterfeited items in Roblox.

Alongside the recent trend of creative sandbox games like Minecraft sweeping the world of gaming, Roblox has stood as one of the most popular games in the world thanks to the creative freedom it gives its players. Developers have used the platform to create stunning homages to iconic franchises like Sonic and create robust experiences in a vast array of different styles all within the same platform. However, as with any massively popular online game, the game has suffered its fair share of trials and tribulations.


Roblox‘s time in the spotlight has not been without plenty of scrutiny based not only on the massive size of the game’s player base, but also its main demographic. Last year saw the discovery of a major error within Roblox‘s security that may have seen millions of users’ information compromised, and the online platform has frequently been criticized by players as being an unsafe environment for younger developers based on the company’s game-hosting policy. Cheating has also consistently been a problem within Roblox, though a new patent filed by Roblox Corp may look to address this issue.

The patent filed by Roblox Corp would provide the company with a way to automatically detect the status of items held by players, labeling those items as counterfeit or genuine so the company can identify players with counterfeit items. This system would allow Roblox to crack down on designers stealing 3D assets by not only detecting counterfeit 3D objects, but also detecting players possessing multiple 2D assets with different viewpoints of a 3D item. The system would look to flag these items as counterfeit, with a further punishment from Roblox to follow.

Roblox‘s anti-counterfeit software would come at a time when many online games have been plagued with similar issues of players gaining an unfair advantage through exploits or the use of third-party software. The torrent of cheaters has seen many developers taking more creative approaches to combating cheaters, with EA working on an anti-cheat system that intentionally ignores specific inputs from cheaters and Warzone making other players invisible to cheaters. Games like Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege have seen significant praise from both their communities for their anti-cheat software.

Roblox‘s renewed efforts against the game’s more unsavory players comes at a time when the game looks to see significant updates coming in the near future. Roblox Corp has already filed multiple patents for new software within Roblox this year from ranking games based on playtime to easier methods of creating 3D models within the game. Roblox has also been heavily rumored to be in development for PlayStation consoles based on job listings appearing earlier in the year. Between new behind-the-scenes updates and potential versions of the game, Roblox looks to have plenty in store for its legions of fans.

Roblox is available now for PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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