RetroArch brings its free multisystem emulation to the iOS App Store

In fact, there are too many to list here. But some notable emulation cores — the actual separately developed emulation software — included in this version of RetroArch are the NEC PC Engine, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, and even the PSP (using the same core that drives the PPSSPP app that went up today). You can see the list in full by clicking “more” on RetroArch’s description in its App Store listing.

Strictly speaking, RetroArch isn’t an emulator but, rather, a front end that you can drop emulator cores into. It has support for various features, including online gameplay, remapping buttons or keys per emulation core or per game, fast-forward and rewind, and gyro control.

You’ll need to be on iOS / iPadOS 14.2 to run the new version of RetroArch or own a Vision Pro. It’s not available on the Mac version of the App Store, but that’s not a problem since there’s a macOS version (and versions for other operating systems as well) that you can easily download from the RetroArch website.

Source: The Verge

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