Respawn Developer Comments On Apex Legends’ SBMM

Following complaints from fans about SBMM in Apex Legends, a developer at Respawn Entertainment gives players an update on the situation.

While it might be hard for some players to believe, Apex Legends is nearing 3 years old. Over that time, the battle royale has grown immensely, seeing numerous changes to the gameplay. With new maps, modes, Legends, and weapons, all the new content added to Apex Legends is too long to list. While numerous fans enjoy many aspects of the battle royale, it’s not without flaws. One concern players have with the current state of the game is the effectiveness of SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) in public matches.


Recently, fans have been frustrated with SBMM in Apex Legends. While the game includes a matchmaking system that is supposed to separate lower-level players from those of higher skill, it doesn’t always work the way some believe it should. One player became so annoyed with the situation that they took to the internet to express their frustration. Posting on Reddit, a user known as JakkoWasHere revealed their negative experiences with the current SBMM system in the battle royale. The player noted that they were only level 99, but they were being pitted against teams composed of “level 500 sweaties with 20k kills.” Obviously, this was not an optimal situation for a relatively new player to the game. Fortunately, it appears that some at Respawn have heard about the problem.

Following these complaints from the community, a developer at Respawn Entertainment known as Aaron L. discussed the issue and responded to fan concerns. In his response, he reminded gamers that logging many hours into a game didn’t always equate to having a lot of skill. “Just to be clear here… high level does not imply high skill,” they said. Nevertheless, the developer admitted that the frustrations from the community were valid. He promised gamers that the team at Respawn was looking into the matter. “It’s on my radar,” he said.

This is an intriguing response from the developer, as it addresses concerns from fans without guaranteeing to solve the supposed problem. Based on these comments, it’s unclear if any changes to SBMM will come to public games in Apex Legends going forward. However, players can take some confidence in knowing that the development team acknowledged that there could be a problem with the current system. It seems that only time will tell if any tweaks to matchmaking are made.

This isn’t the only news regarding Respawn Entertainment. Recently, a dataminer discovered game files relating to a potential increase in lobby sizes for Apex Legends. This new data from the leaker revealed that the developers had been testing the game in private match lobbies with 100 players. While nothing is confirmed from Respawn, it suggests that an increase in the player count could happen in the coming days.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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