Resident Evil 4 Remake Trick Lets Players Skip Garrador Fight

A crafty Resident Evil 4 player recently discovered a way to skip the first Garrador fight in the game. Garradors were some of the hardest non-boss enemies in Resident Evil 4, and the same remains true for its recently released remake.

The realization that the first Garrador encountered in Chapter 7 was not a unique boss, but simply an elite enemy can be a pretty despairing moment for players. Despite being blind, these Resident Evil 4 creatures—whose name is Spanish for “clawer”—are extremely deadly and near-invulnerable. Taking one down hence requires calm nerves and a lot of careful maneuvering in order to attack their sole weak spot on the back. Players who are up for the challenge can also earn a Resident Evil 4 achievement for defeating their first Garrador using only knives.


Alternatively, it turns out this challenging Chapter 7 encounter can be avoided altogether. Doing so also seems to be surprisingly straightforward for a technique that lets players skip much more than just the Garrador fight, allowing them to immediately get past the locked Audience Chamber door and hence circumvent nearly half of the Castle level. The trick starts by turning Leon’s back to the locked door, equipping a sniper rifle, and doing a 180-turn while looking through its scope. Leaving the scoped view at the very last moment and instantly interacting with the door will trigger a regular opening animation instead of whatever check was meant to force the players to take a detour in search of a key.

This isn’t the only difficult section of the game that can be circumvented by employing some scope-based shenanigans. Another recently surfaced glitch that combines loading a save from a scoped state lets players skip the Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mendez fight altogether.

While that technique was a unique find, this newly emerged method of avoiding the initial Garrador encounter stems from a previously unearthed glitch. As it turns out, the scoped 180-turn trick for bypassing the Audience Chamber barrier also works for unlocking any other barred door or gate in the Resident Evil 4 remake. This was originally discovered by speedrunner Mattmatt10111 shortly following the game’s late March launch.

Given that state of affairs, it’s plausible that Capcom will patch this glitch in a future update. While the studio doesn’t really have a substantial history of making speedrunners’ lives more difficult, a reliable method of cheesing past any door in its latest game is clearly not what the company had in mind during development. That’s not to say Capcom is against the idea of circumventing some of the remake’s encounters; after all, it seemingly took the effort to allow players to skip the Resident Evil 4 remake’s village fight.

Resident Evil 4 (2023) is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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