Remote Play Together Now Working on Steam Deck

An update for the Steam Deck allows players to utilize the Remote Play Together function for any games that support it.

It’s only been a few months since the Steam Deck was released onto the scene, with the system getting a lot of traction between gamers. Its portable design allows for gamers to access their entire Steam library, making it so that many games can be played on the go. Valve’s latest innovation has impressed a lot of people in the gaming industry and community, with a lot of support garnered behind this portable PC. The Steam Deck’s support is evident by the number of post-launch updates ever since the system’s release.


These updates include improvements to the Steam Deck itself, with some recent updates adding a number of new features to the system. This includes customizable in-game performance settings for the Steam Deck, to some minor hotfixes to smooth out issues with the portable PC. These patches and updates have been frequent, using what the community has provided to roll out what needs to be addressed. The latest update to SteamOS and Steam Deck adds a big feature, that being Remote Play Together.

Steam’s Remote Play Together feature is usually a part of the Steam client, and wasn’t a part of the SteamOS itself until the 3.2 update. Remote Play Together allows a player’s friend to join them in multiplayer sessions remotely, as if they were sitting next to them on the couch. This latest OS update makes the feature now functional, and any game that supports it can be played on the Steam Deck. This includes both hosting and joining Remote Play Together sessions.

There are also a number of other smaller updates that have been made to the 3.2 SteamOS update are improvements to the system’s functionality. One of these is the Steam Deck’s refresh rate, which can be adjusted on the fly. The default of 60Hz can now be adjusted to 40Hz, or any number that is in-between those refresh rates. This setting can be saved on a game-by-game basis, allowing for fans to find the sweet-spot for optimal performance.

Another big update given to the Steam Deck includes the system’s fan behavior, which include an OS-controlled fan curve that responds to different scenarios and temperatures. This makes it possible to adjust the fan to make it quieter during low usage sessions. Other smaller Steam Deck updates are listed on the Steam Community page, such as a notification that informs a player when their system’s SSD drive has less than 2 GB of free space.

Source: Steam

Source: Gamerant

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